Raquel and Gabriel

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How We Met

Gabriel and I met the summer of 2009. I was a freshman going into high school and decided to join the marching band. You know what that means… Yup, BAND CAMP! As exciting as a summer-lovin’ romance would have been, Gabriel and I didn’t start dating until after marching season was over on November 27th. He says he’ll never forget the day I showed up to practice when he instantly knew he wanted to make me his girlfriend. We would spend the next couple of years sharing crazy memories at practice, competitions, and band concerts. I’ll always remember the way I felt when I heard him play the saxophone. Throughout the years we have witnessed each other grow and despite our differences, never stopped loving each other. I think we always knew in our hearts that building a life together was part of God’s plan and something we both wanted.

how they asked

Our friends and I planned a surprise birthday party for him on May 19th. Since his birthday was May 27th and landed on Memorial Day weekend, we figured it would be best to throw his surprise early. We planned for 2 months in advance, all to find out he was secretly planning the whole thing.

Messages were exchanged between our group of friends discussing a checklist of what to bring, what to wear and how I would get Gabriel to the location where we would have a beach barbecue ready for him. I told him I would be taking him to dinner but the restaurant was a surprise and that he had to be blindfolded the whole time! It was a rainy day but my friends persisted we were still on board with the plans. As soon as we arrived, the rain stopped and we walked over to the beach area, hand in hand where our friends would be waiting for us. One of our favorite artists has always been John Legend so when I heard, “I Know Better” begin to play and I instantly knew this was no birthday surprise for him but a surprise for me.

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We walked along the shore and tied up to the palm trees were some wooden signs with the phrases, “Do You Remember?” “No Matter What” “My Beautiful Spanish Flower”. Once we passed the palm trees our friends yelled “Surprise!”. I could not hold my tears back as Gabriel got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He turned what was supposed to be a surprise to him into one of the best days of my life! I am beyond blessed to have found my person. He has loved me unconditionally and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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