Raquel and Diego

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn, NY

How We Met

NYC met Chi-Town and what began as a mini-disaster ended up as the most beautiful love story ever. Within the first ten minutes of meeting Diego, my now fiance, I was ready to leave him on the side of the highway. Upon me telling him I was visiting from NYC, he said something along the lines of “I’ve been there, it’s dirty and people are kind of rude.” I was half joking when I turned to the girl in the seat next to me and said, “Where do I pull over and leave him?”. Fast forward to that same night at a brewery, some good food, and good conversation, we became friends.

Proposal Ideas Brooklyn, NY

Over the course of the week, we somehow ended in the same place at the same time often. Day three of us hanging out he took me and a friend for food followed by dessert, and will now admit to being so besotted he left the keys in the engine and the car running, doors unlocked, and kept walking at my pace so the conversation wouldn’t end. Good thing it was only fro-yo and the car was still there 15 minutes later when we got back! We ended my trip the night before I flew out, at the Green Mill dancing to swing. Four trips to NYC, lots of flowers, and a million video calls that same year made us an item, and a year later, we got engaged!!!!

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn, NY

Raquel and Diego's Engagement in Brooklyn, NY

How They Asked

To be honest, I have yet to know all the details of how he proposed. Rumor has it, he had picked an earlier date, had a custom ring made, and somehow the plan fell through. However, take two of his proposal was a success. Diego conspired with my sisters and my closest friends to make it a success. The plan is I was going to hang out with my sisters that day and do a girls night out. I had no clue Diego was in town as the day before he sent me a picture of the snow in Chicago, and that evening a selfie of him at the gym. Little did I know that as we spoke that day he was on route to NYC and while he was supposedly at the gym, he was actually somewhere in PA because his car broke down!

My sisters and brother-in-law began Operation Rescue Diego from PA, and my brother-in-law kindly drove up to pick him up and bring him the rest of the way. Diego made it just in time to go through with his plan. Diego and I are very fond of our Mexican roots. You would almost think we belong in a black and white Pedro Infante movie where the girl gets serenaded. And that is just how the proposal happened. I was walking along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, on our way to the “show” we were going to catch when I suddenly get distracted by a single mariachi playing the trumpet. As I turned to point him out to my sisters, I caught a glimpse of one of my friends.

As my brain processed there was a mariachi, my friend was there, and all of a sudden my sisters were recording, I began to recognize more of my childhood friends. The music continued to play, and my friends were lined up along a stairwell beckoning me to go up. As I made it up the stairs, I ran into the full mariachi band and they began to play a song. Diego appeared from the background, singing at the top of his lungs, wearing a full mariachi suit. He sang to me, danced with me, and after thanking our friends for being there, got down on one knee and said “Will you marry me?”

Special Thanks

Corey Lamar
 | Photographer