Raquel and Bryan

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How We Met

We met while line dancing.

How They Asked

He planned a movie night in the backyard. Set up bean bag chairs and a projection screen. The movie started playing and then it clicked and it went back to the menu screen. He got up and said let me take a look at the projector and walked behind the screen only to appear on the screen like he was stuck in the system. He was waving his arms and it looked like he set off a countdown. Once the countdown was over it started into a picture montage of the last few years together. At first, it was us and traveling and our random goofy pictures, then it was pictured with his kids. Once I saw pictures of my bare hand( i used to take pictures of my hand and post a manicured site about how my hand was missing a ring) I knew at that moment what was happening. I cried like a baby and he popped out from behind the screen only to come over to me and tell me about how much he loves me and can’t wait to make more memories. I ugly cried and said yes. Not knowing he had recorded the whole thing. He then later edited it and made a mini-movie about it all.