Raphy and Tyree St.

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How We Met

I was hanging out with a few girlfriends one night while in college when they suddenly decided to go pregame at their friends apartment. When we arrived, we realized there werent many people so we made our rounds, mingled and decided to leave. On our way out, a tall man, which I later learned was Tyree, made a joke that everyone seemed to understand, except me. That was our meet cute.

About a month later, a girl I met at that pregame and her boyfriend were persistent aboutsetting me up on a blind date with Tyree. I later learned Tyree was also tricked into this blind date and thought I was best friends with the girl I had just met. We learned very quickly that we didn’t have much in common. He was 6’5 while I was 5’1, he liked old school R&B and hip hop and I loved contemporary indie music, he enjoyed documentaries while I preferred romantic comedies. When it came down to it, we were two very different people, yet somehow in our first year together, we also found a ton of similiarities where it mattered. Neither of us were looking for a serious relationship, but overtime we found each other naturally wanting to spend more time together and like grew to love.

Fast forward to our one year anniversary of dating, Tyree gave me 12 handwritten letters, one for every month of our first year together. The last sentence of the last letter read “You will be my wife!”

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How They Asked

We were dating for about 5.5 years at this point but, after about two months of traveling and doing distance for work Tyree recommended that we take a staycation near our home in Tampa. On Friday July 8th we headed to the hotel and when we arrived Tyree was searching for things to do in the area. He acted surprised when he found out Centennial Park was nearby because he claimed he used to go there as a kid to go fishing with friends and family. Tyree asked to go to the park before dinner so we could take cute pictures by the water and since I’m always excited for cute couple photos, I instantly said yes.

When we arrived to the park, the view was stunning! We found an empty bench started relaxing and talking for a bit before deciding to take a few selfies. Once we took a few photos, Tyree turns me around and says “The real reason I wanted to bring you out here was…” and then he got down on one knee and proposed!

I quickly learned we did come to the park to take photos before dinner. Tyree had organized for a photographer to be there to capture our special moment together.

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Special Thanks

Yanny Mishchuk
 | Photographer