Raphaella and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I met 2 and a half years ago through our mutual friends Christina and Dan. Chrissy is a lifelong friend and I have been friends with Dan, her husband, for years now too. Dan was always talking about his new co-worker “the Canadian”, what a great guy he was and funny and smart he was. Nick had recently relocated from Montreal, Quebec to NJ for work. Chrissy immediately thought she had to set us up. She showed me pictures of Nick and he was extremely handsome. He told her he thought I was beautiful. We exchanged phone numbers but we did not speak afterward. A few months later we were all going out for a night of fun! Halfway there Chrissy and Dan mentioned that “the Canadian” (sorry Canada, it was just a nickname for a while) would be there.

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I tried to be cool but I hated my hair, my outfit (booty shorts nick would say) and I was nervous. I walked in and met Nick, we instantly clicked! He was funny, polite, and handsome He was also a great dancer! We were on the dance floor all night. Suddenly, I got elbowed in the face pretty hard. He jumped over the bar grabbed me a clean rag with ice and placed it on my face. When the bartender asked him what he was doing he replied: “my girl got hit in the face and she can’t bruise that pretty face!” We were inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

It was a random weekend, I was going out on a Friday night with my girlfriend that lives about 90 minutes away. I told Nick I might be sleeping at her house and I’d be home in the morning. Little did I know he had a trunk full of supplies for “operation booty shorts” and he was planning the biggest surprise of my life! Nick had gone to pick up 15 bouquets of flowers, vases, candles, and food for a surprise get together we would have later on that day. I had no idea that was sitting in his trunk while I was getting ready for girls night. I had dinner with my friend and felt really tired and just wanted my own bed. At 11 pm I texted Nick that I was going to come home…TONIGHT!

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He had all of the flowers set up, candles everywhere and was getting ready for bed. He was going to do it the next morning and have all of our friends and my family over. When I called him, he sprung into action! He shaved, ironed his suit and began lighting over 75 candles!

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At 1 am (Nick called me 3 times to ask me if I was ok) I went to walk into our home and the door was locked! Annoyed, I struggled with the keys and I opened the door and I see a scene of the bachelor! (Chris Harrison would approve!)

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Nick was in a black suit with dozens of flowers and candles everywhere! I was in utter shock! He asked me to be his wife and we cried! The best part of it all is that he caught it all on video, I cursed, he forgot his music and almost burned his pants! But, it was the best and most romantic moment!

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