Ranzel and Weston

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how we met

We met at LDS Business College in SLC. There was an orientation a few days before school had started and there were a ton of people there. I (groom) had just gotten home from a mission in the Philippines and she was one who definitely caught my eye and really stood out to me. On the first day of school I noticed she was in my communications class and that is where we met. The weekend went by and she was on my mind quite a bit, so the next week in school I knew that I really needed to get her number.

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After class one day she was holding the door open for everyone as they were leaving and I knew that this was the perfect chance for me to start talking to her and getting to know her a little better and ask her for her number. As I was walking out, she started walking so she was right in front of me. When we got to the elevator I said, “Are you Philippino?” And she said “Ya, I am.” I asked her where she was from in the Philippines and she said “Cavite.” And I started freaking out and said “That’s where I served my mission!” So I asked her where in Cavite she was from and she said “I’m from Molino.” And then I freaked out even more because that was the last area that I had been in before I came back to the states. We started talking a little bit more and that is when I got her number and we just started talking from there!

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how they asked

On the day he proposed to me I had gone shopping with his little sister up in Salt Lake for the day and I knew that if he didn’t propose that night then I don’t know when he would because our wedding was in 2 months! So that night he had told me that he wanted to do a dating video of us together at his house and so that night we roasted hot dogs and made smores. At first I for sure thought that he was going to propose to me. It was a cute, romantic setting and the videographer was there. So I knew it was bound to happen!

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After we roasted marshmallows he had gotten a text from his brother who is living in the backyard apartment. And so he said he wanted to go over there and see him for a minute. And at that moment I just kinda knew that he wasn’t going to propose to me. I felt upset, but I obviously didn’t want him to know that! We walked up to the top of the deck and there I saw a rose sitting there and inside the rose was a ring.

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I was so shocked! It took me by surprise. I just started crying and couldn’t believe it! Then lights came on the grass and it was spelled out “Marry Me?” And he got down on his knee and that is when he asked me to marry him. Happiest day of my life!

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