Randy and Sarin's Yogibo Proposal

How We Met: – by Randy: We met while working at a group home in Massachusetts. Sarin was in charge of training me. I had just moved back from college and asked if I could hang out with her and her friends and then eventually I asked if I could take her on a date. We went to the shooting range in Manchester for our first date!

how they asked – by Brett, Yogibo Marketing Coordinator: We worked with Randy for a month. Randy is a former co-worker and a good friend of mine. We wanted to help somebody pull off an awesome proposal and Randy was immediately the one to answer. We coordinated with him for over a month, finding the perfect song, the perfect group. He told Sarin’s best friend Laura to plan a day. Two other friends came with them who weren’t even in on it! When everything was set, it was pulled off perfectly, much to Sarin’s surprise! Randy (and their family & friends) hid in our backroom. We had them come out first, then Randy used a back door to come up quietly from behind, so Sarin didn’t see him until the second he asked. She thought he was rock climbing for the day.

Yogibo Proposal 1

Yogibo Proposal 2

Yogibo Proposal 3

Yogibo Proposal 4

Yogibo Proposal 5

Credit: Yogibo Retail Store in the Rockingham Mall in Salem, NH.
Music: Collective Measures