Randy and Kimber

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How We Met: We actually met by total accident through Facebook. I had actually added Randy as a friend thinking that he was someone else entirely! His first message to me, “uh… do I know you?” … immediate apologies, laughs and giggles, and before we knew it we were exchanging messages for a solid month via Facebook and text messages. One day he surprised me with a sweet, “hey, do you want to meet for some ice cream and putt putt golf?”, he was fashionably late (and has been ever since), I was wearing the least flattering and comfiest clothing I owned (that hasn’t changed), and our story unfolded from there.

We are best friends, we love each other, we push each other in the right directions, we pick each other up when it gets rough, and we confide in one another about everything big or small. I can’t imagine life before him and I know the feeling is mutual.

how they asked: Randy and I have been dating for a little over 4 years now. We do everything together! We go to church each Sunday, we work the same hours at two different hospitals, we hunt together, we fish together, we eat our meals together, we watch movies together before bed, we raise our furbaby together… but, we also have our “me”-time, too. Apparently, Randy had a lot of secretive “me”-time while I was fast asleep in bed for several weeks. He had planned a vacation and a proposal: both huge surprises for little ole me!

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The first weekend of September, Randy presented me with a card while told me, “pack your bags!” A surprise vacation had been planned for Labor Day weekend! I was shocked and cried happy tears as we NEVER go on vacation! We are always too busy! I made lists, checked them twice, packed everything, still forgot some things, Randy laughed at me, the usual, haha. We were heading to Watkins Glen State Park in New York. Our first time out of PA together! A weekend full of firsts indeed!

Little did I know on Labor Day as we were hiking through Watkins Glen that Randy’s one work buddy I had never met (thus had no clue as to what he looked like) was following us closely on the crowded trails of the park. Photos and video were taken of us by him. We were laughing and staring in awe at the gorge and waterfalls before us. At one point in our hike Randy pulled me aside for a selfie in front of a waterfall. We smiled and click = the cue for the camera.

Randy then put his arms on my shoulders and said with a smile, “Let’s make a plan… in the next 10 years, let’s tell our children how I proposed to you at Rainbow Falls.” I thought to myself, “what did you…” and before he could pull the small box out of his pocket and drop to his knee applause and cheers roared through the gorge from all the tourists around us. “Kimber, I love you so much. You know that right?” I let out a high pitched, “yeah!” and he continued with, “will you marry me?” another high pitched, “yeah!” came from my lips and we sealed it with a kiss.

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I was never so surprised in my life! The most romantic and sweet man in the world asked me to marry him. Randy, YES, I will marry you!

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