Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

Y’all, it’s Elizabeth’s birthday and she had no idea her fiance was working with us to get this published for her special day! WHAT A KEEPER!

Image 2 of Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

How we met: Elizabeth and I met on December 23, 2011, on a night that neither of us planned on leaving the house. Thankfully both of us were easily persuaded by friends and went out with them for drinks. I cant give you her side of that night, but I remember walking into the bar (which was packed) and noticed her almost immediately. Once my friends and I got settled in at our table, I walked over to her and introduced myself. We hit it off and talked for most of the night. After hanging out for a few hours, her friends came over to tell her it was time to go, but not before I asked for her number.

I reached out to her on Christmas, and after talking for a few days I asked her out on our first date. From then on we were pretty much inseparable.

How I asked: The thought of proposing was in my head for a while but it wasn’t until a vacation to Charleston, SC in October 2012, that I knew I wanted to do it on the two year anniversary of the day we met; which was December 23. After some research I reached out to a photographer whose work really impressed me (Katie DeLorme, check her out), to coordinate a surprise proposal shoot. Since Elizabeth and I both love the Christmas season, I selected the Christmas tree in Old Town Alexandria, VA to propose, which is an area we both love.

I asked her to request off work on the big day for a brunch I had planned, which was supposed to be an early Christmas present/anniversary gift. So the morning of, we woke up and were getting ready, and I looked outside to see that it was pouring out; but since the wheels were already in motion I proceeded as planned. I told Elizabeth to dress nice and she decided to wear her new boots which she absolutely loves.

At this point in the morning she had no idea a proposal was coming and on the ride out the surprise was almost blown a few times. One occurred when she wanted to call her dad to ask him something. I convinced her not to somehow, because unbeknownst to her he would have answered with a “CONGRATULATIONS”. Then when we got close to the proposal destination she recommended we get valet parking, which she knew the restaurant offered because we ate there early in our relationship. Again, somehow I convinced her against the idea, most likely because it was early and she was too tired to put up a fight.

We then parked about a block from the Christmas tree and began to walk towards it, in the rain. On the walk there she began to point out that her favorite boots were getting ruined, which distracted her from the fact that I was incredibly nervous. I walked her to the tree where I got down on one knee and began to fumble the entire speech I had planned, but I was still able to convey that I loved her and asked her to marry me.

Image 3 of Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

At about this time she spotted Katie (the photographer) and was speechless. After what seemed like an eternity on that knee, her shock temporarily wore off and she said yes.

Image 1 of Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

Image 4 of Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

Before we continued our photo shoot I asked her if her boots would be alright, and she told me she could “care less about the stupid boots”. We then snapped a bunch of pictures in the rain and headed to the restaurant for brunch and champagne. We are now planning our wedding for Spring of 2015 in Charleston, SC, where the proposal planning first began.

Image 5 of Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

Image 6 of Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

Image 7 of Randy and Elizabeth (Happy Birthday!!!)

Photos by Katie DeLorme