Randi and Stephen's Surprise Proposal

Stephen and I met through a mutual friend (her mom also set my parents up) when I moved to Indianapolis for college.  We were just acquaintances for a while but slowly became good friends.  He paid close attention to activites I enjoyed doing and always found a way for us to go and do them.  Eventually, Stephen worked up to asking me out for drinks (I was very late but he waited patiently after I called him and promised I wasn’t standing him up and he promised it wasn’t a “date”.  Ha ha)!  I really loved how he was so genuine and mature and how he treated me with so much respect.    Stephen’s witty sense of humor made me laugh we quickly became very attached to one another.  One day, after being together for a little over two years and shortly after he passed all of his CPA exams, we were finally able to spend more time together.  He told me he wanted to have our pictures taken at the canal by our good friend.  It is a special place to both of us because it is where we would always meet to run and talk.  It’s where we fell in love.  He also mentioned inviting my parents and his parents to get pictures as well and to have dinner after.  I am an only child and am extreamly close to my parents so I was super excited for them to join!  It started raining and the sky turned black when we got downtown but, we still managed to get some great pictures.


At the end of our little photo shoot, my back was toward Stephen, I was smiling and everyone was laughing.  The laughing became louder and louder… Finally, I turned around… There he was, with a big smile and a little red box.  He got down on one knee.  I’m positive the world stopped at that moment.  The rest is our happily ever after!

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