Randi and Roger

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Baylor Beach Park

How We Met

Roger and I met in the Summer of 2008. Roger was my first kiss and I knew right away he was the man for me. However, the timing was not right for us. Time went on, we went our seperate ways, and met different people. Finally, in the Summer of 2011, we got back together after realizing how much we really did care for one another. After getting to know each other and going on many dates, Roger finally made us official on December 5, 2011. Roger and I are both part-time/volunteer firefighters and paramedics on the Brewster Fire Department, serving along side each other for the last 5 years. I am registered nurse at Aultman Hospital and Roger is a full-time firefighter paramedic at Perry Township Fire Department. So… 5 years later, a house, 2 dogs, 3 college degrees, 2 huge career accomplishments, and a lot of work and love….Roger FINALLY PROPOSED! Some people wait a lifetime to find their soul mate and I was fortunate enough to find mine so early.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Baylor Beach Park

how they asked

Roger had told me in the morning that we were going out to go shopping with our friends. After rushing me out of the house, I got in his jeep and was getting ready to leave. Our fire tones dropped for a “smoke investigation” at Baylor’s Beach. I rode along with Roger in the jeep down to the fire station to go on the call. He got on the engine and I went on the ambulance (I didn’t grab my gear because I thought they were leaving without me LOL). Rolling up to Baylor Beach, there was visible “smoke” in the concession stand. I heard Roger radio “Interior to Command, we have “victims” bring EMS to wait on stand-by.” I got things ready and prepared for them to bring a patient to me. Only when the door opened, they brought my family and friends out. I was SO confused. Last out of the building was Roger. He explained how much he loved me, that this is where we met, and that he wanted to spend the rest of time with me.

After a lot of ugly crying, I said yes!! I can’t imagine a better proposal! Combining where we first met and our jobs…I mean come on! He’s the best!

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Brewster Fire Department and members | 
Responding to call and helping with engagment
RED Center Dispatching | 
Helping with engagement
Sydney Colucy | 
Recording our special day and making the entire video possible