Randi and Preston

How We Met

Preston and I met in 2017 through a little app called Bumble and I will forever be thankful for my impulse decision to download it (probably due to wine and a night in with my roommate if I’m being honest). I like to think God truly had a plan for us after matching 3 times before ever saying anything to each other. A few matches later and a first initial meet and we were inseparable!

Image 2 of Randi and Preston

We decided to meet at a bar one weekend with our friends. We didn’t want the pressure of a sit-down dinner and risk not being into each other and then stuck there for the hour and a half to then tell each other it wouldn’t happen haha. I’m so glad we did that because we had SO much fun that night. We bar hopped with our friends, danced until the night ended and a few weeks later went on our first date.

I fell for Preston very fast and what girl wouldn’t know how amazing he is? I remember the very night I told him I loved him and the moment I knew it (yes, I said it first). It was a cold, rainy weekend in October and we were bar hopping all over Deep Ellum which lead to multiple moments of running in the rain. This is when every ounce of me is cringing thinking eww Randi, stop it with the Nicholas Sparks romance but that’s exactly how it was. We were trying to find our Uber, running in the rain, holding hands and it just seemed like time slowed. Right then I knew, I love this man!

Image 4 of Randi and Preston

How They Asked

That Sunday morning I woke up with no idea this would be the day that my life would change forever. We woke up, had breakfast, changed, and hit the slopes with our friends. At the bottom of the slopes, as we put on our ski boots and put our regular shoes away, I picked up this pair of socks in his bag and told him to put them somewhere they wouldn’t get wet from our shoes. I had no idea that MY RING WAS IN THERE! Preston played it so cool but I’m sure he was thinking, PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THOSE!

Image 8 of Randi and Preston

After a fun day of skiing, we decided to check out the Dillon Ice Castles. I have honestly never seen something so incredible! It was lightly snowing that day and we were surrounded by these amazing icicles. All of a sudden, Preston grabbed my hand, turned me around, and said something along the lines of “all of our friends are here, I can’t think of a better moment. I love you so much, will you marry me?”

Image 7 of Randi and Preston

He pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee. I honestly blacked out while this was going on due to pure excitement so safe to say I had to ask him afterward what exactly he said. I of course cried. You know the ugly bury your face crying? Ya, that was me! That very moment I said yes! Over and over again. He put the ring on my finger and I started to cry even more. You can read more on my blog here.

Image 5 of Randi and Preston

Image 6 of Randi and Preston

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