Randi and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I met our Sophomore year of college, in a Design class we both were taking as an elective. We both loved the professor and the class, but neither of us was art students, so once the semester ended, we went our separate ways. Two years later, in our Senior year of college, we met once again having both happened to sign up for that same professor’s Drawing class. We chose seats in the studio together, finding each other’s familiar faces in the crowd.


Class ended right around the time Happy Hour began, and one day after class Matt convinced me to go to the bar with him. We ended up staying there all night together (as I texted my roommate, “I think I’m on a date!”)

How They Asked

Matt and I share a love of mountains. After a long Arizona summer, we were craving snow-covered peaks and made the trip to Hesperus Mountain in Colorado.

Randi's Proposal in Hesperus Mountain, Colorado

We had hoped to reach the summit within the day, but conditions were icy and worse than we had anticipated.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hesperus Mountain, Colorado

Things moved more slowly (and scarier!) than anticipated as we ascended ice-filled scree fields.

When we reached the ridgeline, I was scared and worried about time but Matt kept insisting we continue on! Eventually, we reached a massive boulder pile that we would have to climb up to continue on. The boulders felt wobbly and precarious and I had simply had enough, so I started to throw a fit about how I was done and wanted to turn around.

I always like to take a picture at the summit of mountains, so when Matt said, “OK, if this is our summit, let’s take a picture here,” and set up his phone, I wasn’t suspicious.

We were standing and smiling for a picture together when he turned and got down on one knee!

I was embarrassed for forcing us to turn around shy of the summit and foiling his plans, but it still made for the most beautiful engagement photos, and it’s a much more “Randi and Matt” story this way anyway!

Special Thanks

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