Randi and Kyle

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How We Met

When Kyle and I first met I had just gotten out of an unhealthy relationship with my sons father. One of those “young and dumb” type situations. I am a hairstylist and one of my co-workers husbands is best friends with Kyle. When I was newly single she told me she had a great guy who she thinks would be perfect for me but I said I wasn’t ready to date just yet. My 21st birthday was right around the corner so the girls at the salon took me out that night to celebrate…little did I know my friend and her husband told Kyle about me and that I was going to be out that night with everyone so he should come out and meet me. All the while I had no clue why he was there, but he thought we were there to meet each other.

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Kyle and I are opposite personalities, in the fact that I am a little more outgoing when it came to “coming onto” someone. The night went on, and I ended up going up to him and starting conversation, he asked for my number and we went on our first date the week after. After our first date I knew I was in trouble because I called him 10 minutes after we left each other telling him how much I wanted to see him again. About a month later, he met my son Beau who at the time was only 9 months old. They instantly connected and both Beau and I fell in love with Kyle, from that day on we spent basically everyday together, moved in shortly after..here we are a year and a half later and were engaged planning our wedding, raising my son together and excitedly thinking and planning our future family together!

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how they asked

Kyle and I went on vacation in April with his whole family for his Nana’s 80th birthday celebration. We all went to San Diego, where his aunt lives to celebrate and explore for the week. We had just came up on our one year anniversary the month before and for my gift Kyle set up a photography session on the beach for while we were there. We had my son with us so it was really special to me that we got to have family pictures taken. So of course I wanted my hair, makeup, nails the whole thing done up for these pictures.

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We got there and everything was going great doing our pictures like normal, then our photographer asked if we had any ideas of poses or specific pictures we wanted taken. I of course was thinking “what the heck, isn’t she supposed to tell us what to do?!” Then Kyle said he had some ideas and wanted me to stand looking towards the ocean and he would stand behind me. I was hesitant to it because i thought the picture would be total cliche, but the photographer talked it up and made it seem like it would turn out well.

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All the while Kyle’s family had come with us to help with my son and what not. I turned around facing the ocean, thinking Kyle was standing behind. The photographer said ok, now i want you both to turn around and look at the camera. When i turned around Kyle was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring i have ever seen, and telling me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and Beau.

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I was so shocked! I of course said yes and everyone on the beach that saw what was happening was cheering and yelling. His family rushed down by us and we all hugged and celebrated and the rest of the photo shoot was engagement pictures! So we started with family pictures, then proposal then engagement pictures! Kyle set this all up on his own! I am a lucky girl :)

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Special Thanks

Amy Gray
 | Photographer