Randi and Bobby

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At Home

How We Met

Bobby and I met 6 years ago, shortly after I came home from working for Norwegian Cruise Lines for a couple years, and he had recently returned from playing hockey in Finland, and graduated from College in Ottawa, ON.
I’m sure Bob was a little nervous at first, because I can be fairly spontaneous, but he quickly grew to appreciate that side. We met when he started playing for the local hockey team, and I attended a games with my girlfriends. Soon after, Bob was spending weekends in my home town and the rest is history.

We now enjoy traveling, the home we’ve bought together, and our new puppy Moxie.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At Home

how they asked

To say there was pressure on Bob to propose would be an understatement. We have been on several big trips together and done a lot of awesome things (Mexico x3, California, Florida, The Price is Right, Air Plane Ride, Helicopter Ride etc, etc) and each time we came home from a trip or excursion, everyone would say ‘I thought you two would come back engaged’… well, sometimes so did I, so join the club! :) …Seriously though, my mom owns a bridal store and that adds to the pressure more than you would think!

During the first two years we were together, before I bought an iPhone and really organized my life, I had a planner. I wrote everything in it. Everything. It was things from, what we did that night, what movie we saw, things Bob liked, things we found together, to who we went to dinner with, and whose party we were at. Even who won the game that weekend.
One night after working 11 hours on a Sunday, I walked in the door, immediately put my PJ’s on, washed my face, and was surprised that Bob had agreed to order Chinese food, because its my favorite, not his. Soon after we were finished eating we were sitting on the couch as we do on a Sunday evening, and Bob pulls out my planner from 4 years ago. He asked if I had recently read some of the things I had written in there, I assumed he was going to make fun of me, so I immediately went on the defensive and asked why he was even looking at it… He handed it to me and told me to look at what I had written on the second last page. I looked, and when I saw his writing I immediately started crying, took a couple seconds for the tears to clear and then there was Bob on one knee with the perfect ring, asking me to spend the rest of his life with him.

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