Randa and David

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How We Met

David and I met in February of 2015. Our first date was at Citrus City Grill in Orange, Ca. I was in my last semester of nursing school so I wasn’t sure if it would go anywhere. As soon as we started spending time together, we found it hard to part ways. He was so supportive of my hectic life at the time. It certainly didn’t hurt that I always found myself laughing around him. We had to be creative about dates because of my crazy schedule but he always found a way to surprise me and put the effort into making our time together memorable. He would plan themed dates, such as murder mystery dinners where we dressed up. Then dates as simple as picking out a random card from an envelope with an activity to do such as bowling. Creativity was definitely one of his strong suits. My son took to him so easily which was of significant importance to me. Sharing similar passions made it easy for us to bond and one of our biggest is for nature. Netflix had this Frozen Earth series we got hooked into and that’s when we realized how much we loved snow and cold weather. More so, I had always had a desire to see the Northern lights. David was quickly keen on the idea. It became a goal of ours to visit a part of the world that would make this dream into a reality. David started to bring up marriage and our future together. Of course we were on the same page. In a light hearted response to him one day after one of these talks I mentioned how when he was to propose, it would be out of this world if it happened under the Northern lights.

how they asked

Fast forward to almost a year later and we were planning a trip to Iceland. David had spoken to my son Robert and my mother asking for their blessing prior to buying the ring. So, my family and his family knew all along. This was one of the most magical trips I’ve ever been on. On the plane ride there we were lucky enough to see the Northern lights but that would be the only time we ended up seeing them.

Randa and David's Engagement in Iceland

Every picture we took to capture the essence of how beautiful this country is a memory of the beginning of our life together.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Iceland

It was our last night there and we had reservations at the Blue Lagoon. David waited patiently for the lights to come out but it was just so cloudy. At this point, it didn’t matter where he proposed, anywhere in Iceland would have been the perfect spot. Wading in this hot spring under the big open sky filled with stars was so romantic. He took me under one of the bridges and set up the tripod to our camera. He proposed to me right there under the stars in Iceland. Albeit, it wasn’t under the Northern lights, the trip made it everything and more. He was so nervous that his hands were shaking and when I says YES to him after he finished asking me, his eyes filled with tears. All I could do was kiss him and hug him tightly.

Our video unfortunately did not come out well so we went to the harbor the next morning and took some pictures to remember the proposal in Iceland. We decided not to tell the family right away. David made a video to commemorate our trip and the significance of it being that he proposed. On a Sunday evening, we invited everyone over on the premise of showing them a video of our trip. Everyone had asked him if he had proposed but he led to believe otherwise. So, when they came over to watch the video, they had no clue. At the end of the video, David proposed to me again in front of our families and just as he had timed it, once I said yes for the second time the pictures from Iceland announced that we had in fact gotten engaged there. Everyone was surprised and excited! It was such a delightful evening and one we’ll never forget.

We look forward for the future and everything it has to offer us. I couldn’t imagine spending this life or my adventures with anyone else. I can’t wait to be his wifey.