Randa and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met back in June of 2014, on the night of his birthday. He was out with his friends, celebrating, and watching the NY Rangers in the playoffs. We hit it off from the start, as we were both cheering for the same team. I remember thinking how easy it was to talk to him, and not just about the game, about anything. At the end of the night, he asked me for my phone number and I couldn’t believe it. The Rangers might have lost that night, but I think the two of us won something a whole lot better.

how they asked

On December 10th 2017, Randa and Michael headed to Jersey City, to attend what Randa thought was a simple brunch with Michael and his sisters. Before they arrived, Michael told Randa they were making a quick stop along the pier, as his youngest sister was finishing up filming with some other clients. As they walked down the pier, Michael led Randa into the pre-planned position, and once the camera turned towards them, he began his proposal.

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The newly engaged couple did eventually make it to brunch, where both of their families waited to celebrate with them.

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