Ramie and Mikal

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how we met

I have never been a social butterfly, I mean I’m outgoing, but I’m shy if that makes sense. For me to meet a stranger in public and ask for a number is pretty much impossible for me so I resorted to finding a girl online. I’m pretty reserved online it turns out too but I ran across this girl with beautiful long hair and pale skin and knew that I had to take a shot and message her. We chatted a few times and she really didn’t seem that interested so I decided it was just time to cut past the small talk and ask her out….she said no….in fact….she said no for like six months but one thing I am is persistent! Finally, after constant harassment by me she finally said ok…probably just to get rid of me but to me it was victory. We met that evening at a local park and talked for hours and we have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

I moved her clear across the country this year to start a new life together and have taken her away from the life she knew and her loved ones. I feel that she has given so much and she certainly has done miracles for me. She brought me through an extremely difficult time and makes me want to be a better man. I knew that it was time to propose to her. She had been pretty homesick and I knew she missed her family’s pets so what a perfect thing to do by bringing in a kitten wearing an heirloom ring. She had no idea what the day would bring and thought we were out taking family pictures.

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My sister took a break from the photos to say she needed help with a heavy box and we walked to the car and made our way back with a black and white kitten hiding in a box. Of course the kitten wasn’t keen on keeping any secrets. It was heard before it was seen, but the joy it brought to Ramie’s eyes when I knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry us was one I will never forget. Everyone was crying and this by far will be one of my cherished memories for as long as I live.

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