Raman and Amit


How We Met

The summer before first year University I had missed the deadline for on-campus housing and had less than 30 days to find a place to live. I was still dodgy about Craig’s list back then so decided to stick to the University off-campus website, where I had came across Amit’s add for his basement rental. He soon became the guy upstairs who I had the biggest crush on… I mean talk about MCM overload. I would get butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him.

how they asked

8 years later, this October, our anniversary was around the corner and we were looking into pulling a short trip to Whistler like the year before, but little did I know Amit had alternative plans. A day before, Amit asked me to pack my bags for both really cold and really warm weather. I was mind boggled as to where we were going as both Amit and my sister teased me of multiple places near and far and hot and cold. I was very anxious at the airport the morning of, where I finally discovered that I am going to LONDON and SANTORINI! I had just come back from a Europe trip a month prior and was not at all expecting to go back so soon.

Our third day in Santorini we had spent the morning on a boat cruise that took us to all the different islands in the Caldera including the infamous volcanoes and their respective hot springs and spent the afternoon ATVing around Fira, the capital of Santorini.



That evening, Amit asked me to get ready for dinner, as he had made reservations at a restaurant in the city. I put on a white dress and a fine pair of heels and we headed up to the top of the stairs and around to the front desk when he tells me he forgot his wallet back in the room. I waited for sometime for him to get back when he finally texted me to come back to the villa as there’s still some time until our ride. I headed back to the room and opened the door to the most romantically picturesque moment of my life. Amit stood there on the edge of the terrace of our villa adjacent to the most romantic candlelight dinner set up I’ve ever seen; all while the sun was about to set in the Caldera coast of the Aegeon Sea. My heart began to skip a beat as he grabbed my hands and got on one knee and uttered the most heartfelt speech that ended off with the question: “ Raman Sanghera Will you Marry Me?”proposal-pic

I tried so hard not to cry as my eyes teared in happiness, I SAID YES as fast as I possibly could! I then noticed the crowd scattered above on top of the resort applauding.


We ended the night off with a private romantic dinner on our terrace looking over the scenic Mediterranean Sea on the Caldera side of Santorini Island with the white buildings and the blue domes in the backdrop. It was an enchanted evening that left me mesmerized for a lifetime.


The next day after a short photo-shoot we flew to quintessential London and continued to celebrate our engagement.