Ralph and Marri

How We Met

Ralph: I met Marri in my friend’s wedding. I was a groomsman and she was there as an unanticipated plus one of a girlfriend from college. She was wearing a red dress, dark piercing eyeliner that brought her sensuous eyes to an even heightened expression of her being. I was immediately drawn to her. I stumbled over my words, but I soon realized that the conversation with her was simple, candid, and unceasing. We have not stopped talking since. Before the wedding party entrance, I asked her if I could dance with her later. She, undoubtedly, said yes. Later that night I amazed her with my Bruno Marsesque/Latin flare dancing abilities. We danced to One Dance by Drake and Al Green-Let’s stay together. I’m pretty sure that’s when she realized she was in love with me.

Marri: My roommate from college invited me last minute to be her plus one to a mutual friend’s wedding (her sister who was supposed to be her plus one accidentally booked tickets home that weekend). Ralph was a groomsman in the wedding. I didn’t notice him until he came up to me while I was chatting with another one of his friends that I had just met. He began chatting with me and used some lines that were quite off-putting. However, he had some sweet dance moves. He eventually won me over and then we spent the night dancing and talking. The next day I woke up to a friend request and message from him, so I gave him my number.

This is his original facebook messenger message: “Hey. I really enjoyed your company. Dancing. Laughing. Cool stuff like that. I wish we had the opportunity to spend more time here in Cali. I think you have a very attractive personality. And you’re beautiful anyway, this is me not giving into the pressures of social media norms… I hope you get some rest. I apologize for my friends…If you’re ever in Anchorage Alaska. Know that I’m there if you need me!”

We’ve been talking ever since. Funny thing is, we actually attended school at the same university all four years, lived in the same living areas, and had many of the same friends. However, we never crossed paths while in school. From that night on, the rest was history.

how they asked

I asked her on the overlook at portage pass. We hiked up the pass with a few of my close friends from Hawaii (and my dog red). I brought my ukulele up with me. And at the top, I sang the song that I usually serenade her to sleep to. It’s called ‘You and I’ by CRSB. I was nervous and so the moment seemed like it was forever. I stood her up, held her, and told her I was asking her to marry me. She didn’t believe me at first. Until I accidentally opened and slammed the ring box shut, and then she knew.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Whittier, AK

Ralph Vincent and Marri's Engagement in Whittier, AK

Our photographer is by definition, genuine and passionate about her work. I chose her because I believe in the genuineness and passion she carriers into her work. Lacking nothing, but exposing everything. If I had to describe her style of work, I would have to describe it as rustic, eclectic, contemplative, raw, and comforting. I met Amanda (along with her husband) at Heart of the City church’s small group. She fully embraced who we are as a couple and perfectly captured it.

I chose the location with the help of Amanda. My soon to be wife and me, love to hike, and so did Amanda and her husband, James. So, obviously, we needed to be on a mountain. I wanted a mountain, but I also didn’t want a whole lot of people there. Amanda was very familiar with Portage Pass, the scenic viewpoint, and the possible range of photography that could take place. I had full faith in her judgment.

Besides the fact that I serenaded her prior to asking her, there was also one more special detail. Before we went up the mountain, it was a bit rainy, cloudy, and somewhat foggy (which I didn’t mind at all). I thought it added to the mysticism of the moment. However, the clouds began to lift during the photo shoot. The sun came out guns blazing. And there was even rainbow and everything. It was simply magical and something that we could have never had any control over.

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