Jeneah and Ralph

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how they asked

So Ralph and I went to Canada for my birthday. I had no idea I was going to become a Fiancée. (But of course I’m thrilled)! We had been enjoying our vacation. Within the middle of the week Tuesday night, the night before my birthday we went downtown Toronto just to walk around and relax. We sat down in front of the waterfront talked, laughed , and told memorable stories.

So as it was getting closer to 12:00 am Ralph asked me if we wanted to go walk around on the bridge and I still had no idea why, but I agreed so we went onto the bridge and we took tons of pictures, of the waterfront & the Toronto sign which I loved. Ralph on the other hand said he wanted to angle his phone the right way and to get a good picture of the view.

Little did I know he was setting up his phone and my camera to record me. The bell went off at midnight and Ralph walked over to me. He told me how I’m the most amazing woman within the world, he told me how much he loves me and how he’s soooo happy that we’ve been together for 7 years, with many more to come.

Ralph than told me there’s something on my shoe, so I looked down and he’s like oh no you can’t see it I’ll get it. He got down on one knee and that’s when he PROPOSED, on MY BIRTHDAY,& also the day we first met.

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The best birthday gift ever!!!!!!! I’m so excited to finally be engaged to my best friend, my lover and soul mate.

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