Rakesh and Shivi

How We Met

Rakesh and I met at the University of Portsmouth, he was a Mechanical Engineering Student and I was a Fashion and Design Student. We met on a night out, typical I know. The minute we met we couldn’t take our eyes off each other, from then onwards we spent nearly every day together. He started off as best friends, then one day he took me under the Spinnaker Tower and asked me to be his girlfriend. I froze, speechless and couldn’t get my words out, to the point where he goes “you don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to”, but I finally I said yes, I was just speechless and that’s why I took so long. I knew he was the one ever since I met him, he always overlooked my flaws and make me feel comfortable and safe. Every day I would fall in love with him again and again.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris

We both started our journey together at the university in 2013 and both graduated together in 2017.

How They Asked

Rakesh had booked a sweet little break in London in my eyes. I live close to the airport and we take the train from there sometimes, so I was just convinced were going to London. However, when my dad dropped us they also got out a suitcase from the boot of the car. My partner goes oh its just clothes to take back home as his parents are from Harrow, he convinced me we’d drop it off. Then as we got in he goes let me just check something and went and chucked his bag onto the check in counter and goes “we’re going Paris”, I laughed and didn’t believe him for a second. He then pulled the tickets out and told me it was a Valentine’s surprise, a couple of minutes later my parents and grandma called to see if I had liked the surprise, and wished me a great little holiday, I was really happy and shocked.

Rakesh's Proposal in Paris

As we got to Paris we relaxed and spend the evening together. The next morning I woke up with my a dress and heels ready for me to get into, he convinced me to get ready for a surprise booking of a rooftop bar. However when we got outside he acted confused about where it was, I was getting aggravated and cold, for me to then turn around and him placing a flower band on my hair and getting down on one knee.

I couldn’t believe it, I was absolutely shocked. It was literally one surprise after another. He then pointed to his right for me to just realize he had booked a photographer. It was the most insane and best surprise I’ve ever had in my life. To this day I’m still speechless, and of course, I said YES. He was the sweetest boyfriend, incredible fiancé and now the most perfect husband and life partner.

Thank You Antoine Monfajon for capturing the perfect and most special day of my life, and helping Rakesh plan the best proposal.

Special Thanks

Antoine Monfajon
 | Photographer