Rajvi and Ishan

How We Met

*This love story originated in India at a time when two 5-year-olds who grew up in the same city, went to the same school, yet never knew each other or what their future held for them.*

10 years later, when our families moved to different states in America while we both were teenagers in High School (and still not knowing each other existed.) One fine day, I was browsing online & somehow stumbled upon Ishan’s Profile on Myspace. I thought he was cute and friend requested him. I was ecstatic when he accepted my request and messaged me back. It went back & forth for a while and with nonstop chats/messages, next thing we know – we started talking on the phone pulling all-nighters. We instantly became best-friends, even though we were thousands of miles away from each other; where me being a die-hard JerseyGirl whereas, he was a mid-west Chi-town Boy. I was just comfortable with him sharing my secrets, day-to-day dramas, and all my friends knew him ‘virtually’. Finally, we decided to meet each other for the first time in a cultural function which both of our families were coincidentally attending. We didn’t plan on falling in love, but once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We were only 16 years old, but I loved that I got butterflies for the first time meeting him. I felt so safe with him in his arms when he hugged me, that everything started to make sense. Distance didn’t matter, nothing did – just being with him was all I wanted that moment. Then, years passed, we would barely see each other every 6 months.

Finally, he tells me that his dad got a job in PA & they will be moving here. We both decided to leave everything behind & attend Penn State to start ‘our world’ together & that’s where our love blossomed. From seeing each other every 6 months to literally living with each other, every second of it still felt like a smooth transition with him. All the missing puzzles started to fall into places. We made the best memories in college from attending wild frat parties to endless study sessions, taking classes, making new friends & having infinite adventures together. Soon after reaching the peak is when things started going downhill. Ishan was my first boyfriend, I loved him beyond words could describe, but that was the problem – we were so young in love, that we grew up to be different than we imagined our ideal significant others to be. We were then nonstop breaking up and getting back together. We couldn’t stand to be apart, but in a relationship, we would drive each other crazy. We were Ross and Rachel (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sitcom), that our family and friends could never understand why we couldn’t seem to make it work, even though we were the most perfect for each other. Eventually, we broke up for real after hurting each other enough. Part of me always missed him and the strong bond we shared. But then, we moved on with our lives, working 9-5 jobs, traveling & started dating other people only to realize we were forever meant to be together and what we had with each other was unimaginable. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” We needed to go our different ways to find ourselves, to grow up individually before we could get back together. Soon enough in a year after dating, he proposed & guess what, “I said YES, about damn time” :)

how they asked

*On December 23rd, we were to attend Ishan’s annual work party*

The very same morning, I woke up to a letter next to me that read “Meet me at this cafe at 9:00 AM. No questions”. Being who I am, a million scenarios went through my head, one of them obviously being “Oh my God, maybe he is going to propose?!?!” Without driving myself too crazy, I got ready with the most perfect red dress I had purchased earlier for the work party and asked dad to drop me off at the Paris cafe.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in BROOKLYN BRIDGE

Only to find my best-friend, Dhruvi through those doors waiting for me with a coffee to take me at the nail salon next door. I was surprised to see her! Apparently, she was already in town and knew I had to go to the work party, so wanted to take me to get my nails done. I was super glad to spend time with her. Then we decided to grab lunch, and my other friend, Jay happened to pick us up from the salon. Coincidentally he was in the neighboring town and wanted to grab lunch with us. Initially, I worked myself up – thinking it was all for a proposal, but they assured me there wasn’t one.

Since my other friend, Jay was already going to NYC, they decided to drop me off at the party and grab a few drinks together meanwhile. We headed for the city and before our stop for drinks, Dhruvi played a video, Ishan had created of how our love story began from our teenage years to our college times. Now, I was 100% sure, he was going to propose. I had an adrenaline rush and was sweating in an air-conditioned car. I was all emotional that it was finally happening.


The car stopped right when the video ended, and I was nervous to walk into the bar (I thought why in the world is he going to propose at some random bar in NYC). I walk through the doors and the bar was playing the Penn State football anthem (which was how the video ended). And to my astonishment, Ishan wasn’t there but I found all my college friends there ready to welcome us with a Penn state themed shot in their hands. We talked about our crazy college memories and how we will be friends forever. I was delighted to see them all and we had a few shots while there (which definitely helped control the emotions).

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That day every door I opened anticipating to find Ishan, somehow I found all my lovely friends in the same timeline as I met them in my life. It was the most magical day of my life and Ishan was in no sight yet. We head back to the car, and Dhruvi surprises me with part two of the video which shows my time with Ishan from graduating college to present day. The videos gave me a flashback of the past 10 years with him. It reminded me of the adventurous trip we took together from having Swiss Cheese in the Alps, French Fondues in Paris, Belgian Chocolates in Brussels, and English Tea in London.

As soon as the video ended, Dhruvi blindfolded me to have had my eyes opened facing Ishan, right under the magical Brooklyn Bridge, with a romantic song being played on the guitar in the background, and all the loved ones along with the NYC skyline behind me. This is when Ishan went down on his knees to propose, and all the loved ones came out front cheering and congratulating the both of us.

IT.WAS.THE.BEST.PROPOSAL.I.HAD.EVER.IMAGINED. This is how they asked, and I SAID YES! xoxo

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