Rainey and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met in first grade when we were in the same class. After that, Andrew moved schools and we didn’t reconnect again until junior high because we went to the same church. We “dated” in junior high ….aka hung out like twice. One of the times we hung out, our parents dropped us off at the movie theater and we went on a double date with some friends of ours that were dating. We saw the grudge and at the end of the movie we kissed. We were each others first kiss. Some time after this, he broke up with me! He obviously wasn’t ready for me to be his wife just yet, lol. Since we went to different schools, we really never saw each other besides at church every now and then but we didn’t talk. Within that same year, Andrew was in a band that started to get more popular. They eventually moved to Michigan to film a kids TV show on STARZ kids. We didn’t talk at all through these years. Soon after the hype of his tv show, their group, savvy, was signed to Cash Money Records. Basically we didn’t talk for 7 years until one day I was home from my sophomore year of college and I saw Andrew in Urban Outfitters, I quickly hid behind a rack of clothes. I definitely didn’t want to see my first kiss from junior high who broke up with me! This was early in 2012. So later that week I was creeping him on Twitter and randomly favorited one his tweets. He soon after direct messaged me on Twitter asking me how I was and for my number. We started texting and he asked if I would like to get dinner and see a movie when I got home from college for the summer. I nervously said yes. We went to Cheesecake Factory and to a movie and have been together ever since…

how they asked

The day was completely normal. I woke up with my best friend Haley and we went to the mall. Little did I know she was trying to stall so Andrew could have more time to set up, so we literally went into every store in the mall.

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Around 3:30pm I went to Andrews house and he said we would leave for dinner in about an hour. When we were about to leave, his dad asked us to go to their neighbors house and pick up a tool from their barn and bring it back to him before dinner. So we went into the barn and I started asking Andrew what I was supposed to be looking for. I casually followed him into this side room in the barn as he continued to “look for the tool”. we came to a door that led outside and he said maybe we should check outside. He opened the door and all I saw was a walkway leading out to a dock on a small lake. It was covered with rose petals, candles, and decorations. I knew immediately in that moment what was going on and immediately started crying. He led me down to the dock and proposed!!

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