Raina and Rhett

How We Met

We met downtown Minneapolis. He was sweet and shy. I was skeptical. It ended up being forever :)

how they asked

I was in Big Sur, California with the man of my dreams. It was a warm and breezy sunset as we were walking along one of the most magical and beautiful beaches I’d ever seen. With sun kissed cheeks and sandy feet, after a few minutes of walking, we found ourselves to be the only ones on the beach in sight when we came across a cove of stacked rock castles and he suggested we build one together. As I finally managed to put the last rock on (only after it falling a gazillions times) I saw his face light up, and his hand come out of his pocket as he said, “There’s one last piece. Will you marry me?” as he placed a ring on the very top. It was the biggest surprise EVER.

I immediately tackled him while he was still on his knees in the sand, and wrapped all my limbs around him as I cried, laughed, and tried to catch my breath. As he stood up (with me still latched on like a monkey) I screamed, “Yes of course I’ll marry you!!!!!!”



Special Thanks

Nicole Nelson