Raina and Milton

How We Met

So Milton and I both come from some dark places in the past… We prayed for years for each other. We waited for each other after hard times. We just didn’t know it then. We’ve known each other for several years through our previous relationships. Then we both split up and hadn’t heard from each other for a long time until we met up at a church convention in Orlando. I was surprised to see him as he used to live in Puerto Rico before… I found out later that his mom told him he could meet his future wife there. I thought I might meet someone too. But we didn’t really start talking.. Until about 6 months later, I was visiting back in Orlando from North Carolina and my mom had a strong urge to call him and invite him to church and lunch.

How They Asked

From that day forward we were inseparable…We planned to get married this June but COVID-19 had us thinking to have it earlier and just only have a present family. Sunday night March 29, he told me “Let’s get married this week, while we have a cold front coming in, outside at a park-like we wanted.” I was ecstatic!

Raina and Milton's Engagement in Crane's Roost, Altamonte Springs, FL

Except he’s had my rings all this time BUT hadn’t asked. When I mentioned that, he said it would be before Thursday. Wednesday evening, 19 hours before our wedding, at sunset, at one of our most special spots to go walk and talk, he got down on TWO knees, and FINALLY asked me to be his wife!! Hidden professional videography, drone footage, and all. We couldn’t be happier!!!

Where to Propose in Crane's Roost, Altamonte Springs, FL

Our Video

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