Raina and Leroy

How We Met

We met in an Intro to Mechanical Engineering Class at the University of Pennsylvania. While Raina was actually a Wharton business student, she had been convinced to take the class for a science requirement and to try out 3D printing for fun. Leroy was the Head TA, and while the relationship remained professional throughout the semester, Raina definitely took note and asked some friends about Leroy. He thought that they knew each other already and was always friendly, and after the semester ended, he finally accepted her friend request and a mutual friend set us up on a first date of a movie and cooking dinner at home.

How They Asked

It was a TOTAL surprise, even during quarantine! Leroy had made the decision and even picked the location back in January 2019, but when the pandemic hit, he had to shift some plans around. We started taking walks for exercise and fresh air in the spring, and eventually he led up to suggesting we drive somewhere to have a nice picnic on our dating anniversary. This was a great ploy because, as an anniversary picnic, Raina was primed to get all primped and dressed up for a picnic. Leroy ordered the ring using a sample from Raina’s closet, looped her friends in over a private group message, talked to her parents and even had them come early to set up the picnic and balloons. He hired J&J Studios to document the proposal and a surprise engagement shoot immediately after assuming Raina said yes! The one wrench in Leroy’s plans is that…we are, as a lifestyle, never on time places, and because Leroy had made it seem so impromptu, Raina wasn’t rushing and assumed we could leave anytime. So while Leroy worried over cloudy skies, picking up Fogo de Chao for later, and delays in timing to coordinate with Raina’s parents and J&J, Raina was just painting her nails and doing her hair on her own time. Still, we finally made it to Hunting Hill Mansion and Leroy walked Raina over to a picturesque spot overlooking the mansion and grounds and proposed. Of course, the answer was yes!



Our Video

Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
Hunting Hill Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park
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