Raina and Brandon

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How We Met

I was going to my first job at Burger King. I had an orientation and was running late, surprise, surprise. I had walked in and my manager sent me to the back of the restaurant. All of the seats were taken, and I was okay with standing during it. This boy stood up and offered me his seat. Out of the whole group he offered it to me. Of course, I did take it. After that I paid no mind to him as he didn’t really interest me. We began working together, and still I thought he was goofy boy with his hairline way too far back (lol). Which now, he says his cousin did his hair and messed it up. Well, months after working he started asking for my number. I denied him a few times. Then finally I caved in and gave him my number. I never heard from him (probably his tactic to reeling me in). A week or two later he asked me for my number again..??? I said, didn’t I give it to you already? He said, “yes but I lost it”. Reluctantly I gave it to him again and said if you lose it this time you’re not getting it again. Later that week I received a call from him. We stayed on the phone for hours. Now, remind you we were in high school, so only god knows what we talked about. We hit it off since. It was brandon and Raina side by side from 11th grade to now. We’ve been threw many trials and tribulations. From moving out on our own at 17, living in my car for a week, living with my brother then we finally got our own place to call home where we resided for 5 years. In 2013 I got accepted into nursing school and became pregnant. Having a beautiful daughter during nursing school was a challenge but brandon had my back through it all and was my backbone. I graduated nursing school, started working as a nurse. We bought a house and 2 new cars. We have continuously brought each other up. In 2016 we had our crazy energetic son, and life couldn’t be better. We have now been together for 9 years and a life time to go.

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how they asked


I was so excited to take our babies to magic kingdom for the first time. Brandon had wanted to Ailah to Disney since she was an infant and I always said no she won’t remember it. Well for months and months we were talking about taking Ailah for her 3rd birthday. He obviously had something else in mind. Friday afternoon we headed up to Disney to make a weekend of it. We checked into our hotel room, and headed to magic kingdom. The kids were hungry so we stopped and got a hot dog in the park. I was wanting to grab the hot dog and go but Brandon was persistent that they finished it there. Well, I’m stubborn and grabbed the hot dog and started walking. Brandon said he needed to use the bathroom so I waited for him. After that we were walking towards Cinderella’s castle and he said let’s take pictures over there! I said yes, let’s do (I love taking pictures and having memories.) So my sister and her wife were taking family pictures of Brandon me and the kids. Then he said can we take pictures just you and me?? I looked at him like he was crazy but, I said sure babe. As I was putting the kids back into the stroller I turned around to go walk back towards him and there he was, on one knee. At first I went to help him up but then realized he had a ring with him…. I started to cry. My mind was lost. He finally was asking me to marry him. I can’t even remember what he said but I know it was to the fact of I will love you forever, you are everything that I always wanted, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I said, YES!!!! We hugged, kissed and embraced each other. The rest of the night I was still in stock. So, to the entrance of the park… when we got hot-dogs for the kids he insisted that they finished their food before the proposal so I wasn’t holding A hotdog during the engagement (lol). Secondly, he went to the bathroom so he could practice what he wanted to say. He says when he actually got to the proposal he froze and just spoke from the heart. He can’t even remember what he said. ❤❤❤

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Special Thanks

Angelica Benedith
 | Photographer
Sabrina Benedith
 | Videographer