Raffaella and Christopher

How We Met

We met our senior year of college at George Washington University in Washington, DC. We both were involved in the school’s Alternative Breaks service program, where students organized and went on service trips to different cities around the world during winter or spring break vacation. Every year the organization would hold a fundraising ball where people dress up and dance and ticket sales go towards the trips. I was on the Executive Board of the organization and Chris was a trip leader. Following the event we both stuck around to help clean up and went to a bar afterwards with everyone else. We ended up sitting near each other and I was trying to convince him to join the Executive Board as a position had opened up. He ended up accepting the position and so our friendship began.

Since we both had broken laptops, we spent much of our time in the university basement or at the Alternative Breaks office using the desktop computers that were available to us. We used each other’s company as a welcome distraction from studying for exams or writing papers for our last semester in college. We also came to realize we had many mutual friends, so our friendship blossomed very quickly.

As our college graduation approached, and feelings between us became stronger, we both realized we were running out of time and needed to tell each other how we felt. So one night we met up to talk and both told each other how much we liked each other but feared ruining our friendship. Ultimately we decided it was worth pursuing and Chris kissed me. Four months into dating post-graduation and we moved in together. Since then we’ve lived in 5 apartments together over 5 years, adopted a cat, and moved cross country to San Diego, California.

how they asked

Me and Chris went to Alaska together to visit my brother and his family who live there, and my mom and grandmother were also meeting us there. This was the first time Chris was joining one of our family vacations, although over the last 5 years together he’s spent time with them. We spent the first 4 days just having quality family time.

On the last day of our trip we booked a water taxi to for just the two of us to go to Kachemak State Park (30 minute boat ride) to hike to a Glacier Lake. The boat dropped us off at the most beautiful place we’ve both ever seen and we began to hike. There were several signs warning us that there could be bears, so most of our hike we were making sure to make noise (apparently that’s what you should do in bear country). Besides that we had conversations about how many kids we want, how we plan on raising them, and how we want to take time off one day to travel the world together.

We then came upon the opening to the Glacier Lake and were both speechless. It was gorgeous, the sun was shining, creating a glittery effect on the water and there were large pieces of glacier ice floating on the lake. We were also the only people there. Pure silence and beauty.

After I took several photos and insta story boomerangs of the lake, Chris asked me “will we be able to take a photo of the two of us?”. To which I said, “Oh yeah! Self timer!”. So we found a rock for me to place my phone on and I said, “I can only take 1 photo at a time but it works!”, and so we took 1 photo and then Chris said “but, my phone can take 3 at a time so let’s do that!.” This is when I started getting a little suspicious because he would never put so much effort into us getting a photo, but I went along with it.

So, he set up his phone to take the photo and he turned to me and said “I have a question for you” and got down on one knee. Honestly what he said next is a blur to me since I was in shock, but he pulled out the ring box and said “Will you marry me?”, I was so happy that I forgot to respond, and he said “So, Yes?!” and I said “Yes!” and jumped into his arms.

We then just sat along the lake for an hour, ate the lunch we packed and soaked in every second of being newly engaged in the most beautiful place. We then made our way back for our boat to pick us up and headed back to main land to tell my mom and grandmother the good news.

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