Raewyn and Tyler

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How We Met

We met on a pool deck on October 17th, 2015. Tyler had recently gotten involved in a men’s fellowship and bible study group known as Legati and that night, all of the men had partaken in fellowship at one of our member’s houses where we were enjoying each other’s great company discussing theology over some cigars. During the middle of our conversation, the Matron of Homor arrived at the home along with some other women we were all friends with and with them, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen who had the most beautiful red hair and adorable smile. Raewyn, recently started my second year at Arizona State University, joined a Catholic sorority and became involved in the Catholic Newman center on campus. One of the girls from the sorority/Newman center, Matron of Honor Emma, and I became friends and went to a Coyotes vs Bruins hockey game that night. After the game, I dropped her off where her crush, now husband and groomsman, was at. We stayed to join their fellowship and I couldn’t take my eyes or attention off of the cute blonde in the corner.

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How They Asked

Raewyn was working the day of our flight so I couldn’t fly with Tyler, who was already in Anaheim. I was so worn out and tired from just finishing working three 12 hrs in a row, catching a late-night flight, and had to wait even longer in a Super Shuttle to finally make it to the hotel. When we woke up, the day went our normal way. We got ready, he packed the bag, I waited in line for the park to open as Tyler was still getting the bag checked at security, we grabbed a coffee and waited for the gates to open. Once we were in the park we ate breakfast and went on a few rides. I didn’t notice how odd it was of him to not let me have my share of holding onto the backpack, or how pushy he was being about wanting to do very specific things at the park. He pushed to go to the Star Wars Launch Bay as soon as it opened so that we could see the characters (but really it was because he was proposing and couldn’t hold onto the stress).

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I thought it was my idea to go see Darth Vader, but that’s just what he made me think. The first time we went to Disneyland together we met Darth Vader and I was so scared of him, he even sensed my disloyalty. This time, I was determined to prove him wrong. When it was our turn to see him I was on top of it. I was talking to him and proving him wrong and didn’t even notice that Tyler wasn’t paying attention.

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Before it was our turn Tyler told me he wanted to ask them to record our meet; I just thought he would do a funny bow at the end like he did last time. Darth Vader believed my loyalty and we grabbed a few photos and I waited for Tyler to “do his thing”. As he went down I saw he was going down on one knee (as a joke for the past year I told him he couldn’t ever stay on one knee) so I was “yelling” at him and about to correct him with his bow to Vader when I realized the ring box in his hand.

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Tyler had continued to push the idea of engagement further and further away from Raewyn. I wanted her to believe I wasn’t going to ask anytime soon and unless I either got a new job, or she got into a nursing program, I wasn’t going to look for a ring. However, many things by the grace of God fell perfectly into place. I had initially started looking for rings online over the summer of 2018 and tried to get an idea of how much I could afford to spend.

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I told Raewyn that I wanted to pick it out and gave her no chance to choose a ring for me. She did give me criteria, however: sparkly, no diamond center stone, and better than anyone else’s! So my mother gave me the contact info of a private jeweler and when I told him what I wanted he delivered. He showed me a beautiful peach sapphire custom ring that was too good to pass up so by October, I had the ring. Waiting for Disney was painful and nerve-racking.

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I wanted to tell her so many times that I had the ring and Raewyn always seems to figure out my secrets and surprises so I was terrified it wouldn’t be perfect. As the trip rolled around I was happy that we ended up on separate flights just in case security checked my bag. The next day was no different. I begged Raewyn to go through the no bag line at Disneyland as I took the bag with the ring through the bag line. I got through with no problems but the fun had only just begun. We went through our normal routine. Grabbed coffee, hit some rides, then we got some breakfast on Main Street.

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During breakfast, I received news that I did not pass a very laboring class from the semester, further delaying my graduation date, and this sent me spiraling down into a deep sadness. I contemplated not proposing because of this sorrow but now that I reflect I think it only further masked my nervousness. As we entered into the Star Wars Launch Bay area to meet some characters, I went through a million different ways to say it and I wondered how I would get the workers to aid at the moment.

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Finally, as our turn to meet Vader was up, Raewyn bolted over to him as I set the backpack down which gave me the chance to give my phone to the worker and whisper “I’m gonna propose” in his ear. He came in clutch and took it from there because after our pictures with Vader he motioned him to move aside, and while he filmed, I got down on one knee and said “Raewyn, will you marry me?”.She look at me, and said: “No no no no no…..oh sh*t you’re serious!”So I asked again………….and she said “yeah” And I between the laughs and tears I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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