Raegan and Jake

Raegan's Proposal in Gazebo in Pittsburg, Texas

How We Met

Jake and I grew up in small towns in Texas not even 15 minutes from each other. We shared many family friends and even attended a lot of the same events growing up, but it wasn’t until our senior semester in college at Texas A&M that we met. We met in a swimming pool and soon after, kicked off our relationship via random Snap chats and occasional text messages. The next few years were filled with traveling from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth, taking trips together, getting to know each other and the cliche’d falling head over heels.

how they asked

November 19th, I was on my way to what I thought was a surprise party for my dad’s work anniversary. My family had me convinced that I should be dressed to impress, as we would be “having our picture taken for the newspaper”. After about a fifteen minute drive in the car, I look up to see that we are stopped at a gazebo with a handsome man- my handsome man- standing underneath. My dad, who was driving at the time, looked back at me as I was stammering and trying to figure out the words I needed to ask to get someone to tell me what was going on.

Proposal Ideas Gazebo in Pittsburg, Texas

Where to Propose in Gazebo in Pittsburg, Texas

He smiled and told me “I’m letting you go. Now get out before I change my mind.” Jake opened the door to the truck and escorted me towards the gazebo, which I now noticed was lit with Christmas lights and surrounded by pink rose petals.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Gazebo in Pittsburg, Texas

Three years of laughing and dating, traveling and falling more in love every day brought us to this moment. Under a delicately hung chandelier, he said a few words to me, knelt down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gazebo in Pittsburg, Texas

Raegan and Jake's Engagement in Gazebo in Pittsburg, Texas

My heart fluttered out of my chest and I haven’t stopped smiling since. It wasn’t until after the ring was on my finger (which, by the way, far exceeded any ring expectations I had) that I noticed the sound of the camera and the photographer snapping our special moment.

Jake suggested that we should go ahead and go to the “surprise dinner for my dad” so we headed a few blocks downtown. Just as I thought my surprise was over, we opened the door to a romantically lit, private restaurant filled with both of our families and a few of our closest friends. We ate, drank, reminisced and celebrated the night away at that small-town restaurant on the square. To say it seemed like a fairy-tale would be far too cliche and understated. Jake’s proposal was an incredible start to not only our journey through wedding planning, but also our journey through life. Together.

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