Raechel and Patrick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In our backyard forest, In Huntsville Ontario

We had an amazing day, starting off with Pat joining me for my hot yoga class, to which I had to beg a bit to get him to come. We came home showered, got ready and went out for a late lunch, came home watched a movie and then took a nap with our dog. Patrick got up before I did I stayed sleeping but awoke from a phone call from him, saying He had found my promise ring outside in the snow in the back forest, and to come quick. I grabbed my jacket and ran out into the snow to the back of our property, where I saw candles lit, and Patrick standing there. He told me he never found my ring, but hoped that this one would make up for it. On one knee and asked me to marry him under the stars. Of course I cried and asked if he was serious. Who knew that such a goofy guy could be so romantic.

Raechel's Proposal in In our backyard forest, In Huntsville Ontario