Raechel and Daniel's Epic Northern Lights Proposal

How We Met

We were 18 years old. We first locked eyes in the cafeteria in the dorms. He found a friend of a friend of mine and got a hold of my AIM screen name, and the rest is history :)

how they asked

Image 1 of Raechel and Daniel

We had just arrived in Iceland, super jet-lagged, butt-tired. It was around 4:30am. Our driver was supposed to take us directly from the airport to our hotel. On the road, I had mentioned to the driver how we are photographers from San Diego and then all of a sudden he suggested that he take us to see the Northern Lights which were active at the moment. He swerved and turned and drove us somewhere off the beaten path. We got out of the van and were just floored by the sights of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. As photographers, we are used to posing in front of the tripod somewhere, anywhere, and then we let the timer run and take our picture. Soooo, Daniel and I were doing our standard poses. Pose number 1 – Standing side by side with our backs turned away from the camera so that it would just be the silhouettes of our backs. Pose number two – we were face to face, standing really close to one another. Again, I’m super used to these poses for us because that’s just what we do. I thought that was our last pose. Pose number three – he got on one knee and said “I’ve loved you since I was 18 years old. Will you marry me?” I held his cheek with my hand and said yes.