RaeAnne and Daniel's Skydiving Proposal

How We Met: Danny and I met as eager 17 year olds about to start training to work at the local amusement park, “Lagoon”. He’ll tell you he noticed my butt first, as he was standing a few people behind me. I didn’t see him until we were placed in the same training group together (which he was secretly wishing for!). I thought he was kind of cute, but I was certain he liked the friend I came with a lot more than me. Training ended, and a few days later he found the store where I was working in the park. He spent the day popping in and out of the gift shop, making a fool of himself trying to make me laugh. I thought he was crazy, but it did make me laugh! Later that night I let him walk me to my car where he asked me for my number, and we’ve been best friends ever since.

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how they asked: It all started about a week earlier when out of the blue he asked if I wanted to go skydiving within the next week or so. Being an adrenaline junky, he knows I’ve always wanted to cross skydiving off my bucket list. And Danny is VERY afraid of heights, so I didn’t question why he didn’t want to come skydiving with me. (although I did try to convince him!) I’m usually good at catching on to surprises, and this was so out of left field that I should’ve been suspicious. I was just so excited that he was offering to pay for me to go that I jumped at the chance!

The day arrives and I’m a ball of nervous energy! I haven’t been able to eat or sleep, and looking back on it now I realize we were both feeling the same way! For very different reasons of course. Both of our families are there to watch me jump (or at least that’s why I thought they were there). Little did I know, everyone was in on it (including my diving partner/instructor!). After brief instruction and “before” photos, I’m up in a plane ready to jump!

The jump really was beautiful. We scheduled the skydive for the evening, which provided such a gorgeous sunset! It was perfect. As my diving partner and I drop closer to the ground, he points to a large sign and asks if I can read it. I glance at it, thinking it’s merely the location where we are about to land. After a moment I realize that in huge black letters this sign says MARRY ME!! I scream and immediately start to cry, but because we are still diving the tears start flowing UP into my eyes! I have to gather myself to stop crying because I can no longer see anything! Haha!

A short time later we land, and Danny, now dressed in a tuxedo, comes to meet me with tears in his eyes. He tells me how much he loves me, that he wants to be with me for eternity, then bends down on one knee and asks me to marry him. Shaking and crying I say yes, and after a hug and kiss, he slides a gorgeous ring on my finger. We literally walk off into the sunset to meet our cheering families.

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