Rae Ann and Travis

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How We Met

After several years of convincing me to meet this “really great guy” at her church, my sister organized a lake day for her college Sunday school class, and made us both agree to attend so we could meet. Although I thought he wasn’t interested at first, because of his quiet smile, I later learned he was thinking “Woah, *this* is the sister I’ve been needing to know? Why didn’t I meet her sooner?!” and was worried about making a good impression. Eventually, he got my number, but I just knew nothing would come of it. The next night, right as I was in the middle of telling a group of friends I had met the sweetest man, but he didn’t seem interested, Travis called me! We talked for hours that night, and three years later are still finding more to talk about! We always joke that we started dating the day we met, because we went on our first date so soon after. The most special thing we learned about each other during that first phone call was our commitment to not date casually, but only with the intent to marry, so the person we dated had to be someone we saw as a potential soul mate. Since nobody like that had ever come along before for either of us, we are the only people we’ve ever dated and couldn’t be more thrilled to experience all our “firsts” together!

how they asked

Travis took me to breakfast for dinner (my favorite!) on Christmas Eve. When he suggested going for a walk in the park where we had our first date, I still wasn’t suspicious because he’s always doing sweet things to celebrate our relationship, and the park has always been central to that. As we were walking over a beautiful arched bridge under the stars, he started listing all the things about me he was thankful for and how thankful he was for getting to date me. Then he said, “Now I just have one question: will you marry me?” as he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring imaginable!

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Special Thanks

Beth Michiemo
 | Photographer