Rae and Riley

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How We Met

Like all good fairy tales it starts in a land far far away (also known as Washington D.C.) there was a handsome sailor named Riley. One cold, dreary day, Riley and the rest of the sailors were bored and looking for something to do. One of the other sailors knew the festival (the auto show) was in town and suggested they go see all the mighty steeds (cars). Riley wasn’t overly excited but there was no other options so he chose to go.

The fair maiden, Rae traveled the lands, from festival to festival, singing the praises of the best steed of them all. She was just finishing her speech when Riley and his group of sailors approached. After some banter they asked the Rae if she knew of any activities that evening. Rae and her friends were attending a ball (going dancing) that evening. She told the sailors where and when they were going. She did not think the sailors would go.

That evening at the ball Rae and her friends were having a grand time dancing when through the crowd she saw that handsome sailor from earlier that day. He walked through the crowed towards Rae. Riley then asked Rae to dance. They spent the whole night dancing and laughing. At the stroke of midnight (ok maybe a little later than that) Riley brought Rae back to her castle (the hotel she was staying at). He asked if he could write (text/call) her. Rae was so taken with the sailor that she graciously accepted (he got that number!) and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Rae, now a queen (well a beauty queen anyway), was traveling to another land (Charlotte, NC) for the festival of the green beast (Monster Energy Grand Prix). Riley wished to accompany her to spend some more time with his love. He recommended they stop to feast at Rae’s favorite place (Childress Vineyard) for a meal when they were traveling back home. The queen was delighted! Little did she know, the handsome sailor had something planned that would change her life forever.

Upon arrival the vineyard they were told that their table wasn’t ready yet. It was a fair day so Riley suggested they take a walk around the grounds. With the sun shinning and the birds chirping the couple walked down to the lake with a wondrous fountain. As they walked along the dock, Rae noticed a strange man taking pictures. of the grounds. As it was such a beautiful place she simply thought he wanted to capture all the beauty. Little did she know he had another purpose, to capture the moment that was about to take place

Out on the dock the sailor and the queen spent a few moments talking. Riley seemed rather nervous as they spoke. What was to come next was to change both their worlds forever. The handsome sailor got down on one knee as he professed his love for the queen and asked her to spend the rest of her days with him.

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With tears in her eyes she said yes!

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And they lived happily ever after.

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Special Thanks

Keegan Evans
 | Photographer