Rae and Benjamin

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How We Met

When you ask us how we met, it will be two different stories depending on who you ask. When Benjamin first met me, I was passed out asleep on our friend’s couch, snoring, with a face mask half on my face. A modern-day Sleeping Beauty if you will.

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I first met Benjamin when, later that morning, I went in the backyard celebrating and preparing for the noon game at UF. His blue eyes caught my attention and I pointed him out to my best friend Jonathan. Who then proceeded to insert the two of us into a game Benjamin and Alex (his now best man) were playing. We hit it off immediately. After the football game (and UF’s victory) our group’s paths crossed again and Benjamin and I talked through the night. Until he walked me home, along with our mutual friend Kendall, hours later.

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How They Asked

Our mutual friend Kendall (the same girl’s couch I was on when he met me and the one who introduced us/he walked me home with the night we met) is an up-and-coming photographer. She and I have been discussing for months doing a photoshoot together. One weekend when I was up visiting Gainesville she asked me to be a practice model to help her build a portfolio. Being the friend that I am and always looking to add to my IG, I said yes.

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She took me to a beautiful garden where we took portraits, caught up on life, and danced around to the music playing on the speaker she brought. She wanted more nature shots so she brought me to this bridge and had me leaning over the edge looking off in the water. By the time I turned around after she “got the shot” Benjamin was standing behind me on one knee!

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He gave a beautiful speech and after we took some engagement pictures together. Best day of my life thus far!

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Special Thanks

Kendall Stacy
 | Photographer