Radhika and Derek

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How We Met

We met years ago through a mutual friend who thought we would be able to share resources with each other. Our friendship lasted for a year before we realized there were feelings there!

How They Asked

It was the most magical thing! For weeks, Derek kept faking me out, thinking it was happening. He would tell me to get all dressed up for dinners or send me to get my nails done, and it never happened! On the 14th, I went to work, like it was a normal day. My hair was a mess and I was exhausted! My boss came into my office to deliver a note and was crying which made me think I was getting fired. Little did I know he had shared his plans with my friends and the whole office knew it was going down that day.

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The note told me to go to an address, which was a blowout bar. When I got there, my friend sent me instructions on the next steps, which were to get home and pack an overnight bag and pick out my most beautiful outfit and be ready by 7. I got ready early, so Derek sent for a car for me and met me outside of a restaurant. We grabbed some wine and then walked over to walk through the Christmas lights display along the waterfront, a tradition for us. As we were walking through the park under the lights, I noticed 2 people behind the cameras but thought they were just there to photograph the lights. Quickly, I realized this was the moment!

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As we made our way through the lights, I could hear someone playing the guitar and starting to sing Wonderwall by Oasis, a song Derek dedicated to me when we started dating. This was the moment! We made our way to the guitarist and started to dance, and Derek got down on one knee and asked me to walk with him for the rest of his life in Hindi! The whole park erupted with applause as we continued to dance to our song. After the guy singing was done, I realized I knew him! He was a friend of ours, who after giving us hugs, went back to singing.

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It was after this that I noticed a horse and carriage in the background and only assumed it was for me! Derek had arranged for a carriage ride along the waterfront which then took us to a restaurant downtown which we absolutely love; Sauvignon. I was greeted with a dozen long stem roses and Dom Perignon! After a lovely dinner, we picked up our overnight bags and went to a beautiful bed and breakfast in St. Petersburg called Kenwood Gables. Our magical night ended with a lovely stay with two wonderful hosts who made sure we felt celebrated on our night!

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Special Thanks

Jess & Jai
 | Photographer
Sauvignon Wine Locker
 | Restaurant
Danny Oscar
 | Musician
 | Horse Drawn Carriage