Radharani and Dattatreya

How We Met: We met on a youth bus tour in 2005, traveled a few times together and became good friends.

how they asked: He is a magician and wanted to propose in a magic show. So he got a friend to call him to do a show at her house for some of our friends.

She called and he put her on speaker when I was with him and she asked him to do a show and of course he yes and when she hung up he suggested to met hat we do a trick together. I loved the idea. He called me up during the show and asked me if I wanted to see a card trick the “hard way or the easy way” I said the hard way and everybody laughed that I wasn’t making for my boyfriend. He then took a piece of tissue paper and he made me float it in front of everybody and then folded it to make it look like a rose and then floated that.

He then did the craziest thing and lit it on fire and turned it into a rose. I LOVED IT!!

Then he pulled out a ring box and I totally didn’t think he was going to propose. I even said in the video “you’reeee not going to fooool meee”

Then I dropped down on one knee, showed me the ring and proposed!!!