Radha and Nav

How We Met

Nav and I have been in a long-distance relationship. We met through social media having mutual friends. After talking via social media then into texting and then FaceTiming. Suddenly this has become a daily thing. We just shared so many stories as if we knew each other for so many years. The connection was just out of the sky, with that said Nav decided to book a flight to San Francisco and to come, meet me.

When he arrived we shared the first day out at the Giants game. Boy did we hit it off in person! As if we’ve known each other for so long and the bond we had created already was diving deeper. As time went out he asked me to be his girlfriend and we continued our relationship long distance. Making day trips up to Seattle or picking a weekend to meet up at, taking our first trip to the Bahamas together. The memories have been endless together.

Radha and Nav's Engagement in Napa, CA

How They Asked

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were driving up to Napa for some wine tasting to celebrate our anniversary. Nav and I have a long-distance relationship, so he had planned this proposal all the way from Seattle, WA. I had no idea walking into this tour that’ll be private, as we make our way into the castle and into a private room.

There I see a board with my name on it, purple roses laid out and candles lit. I was taken away. As Nav and I walk into this private room, where I am thinking we are having more wine tasting, he leads me in and starts to pull out my dream ring.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Napa, CA

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