Rachyl and Marlon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cleopatra's Needle

How We Met

Marlon and I met when I started my first year of graduate school at the Colburn Conservatory. Marlon was in his 6th and last year there before graduating, and one day I was sitting in a music theory class with this hilarious teacher, and then 15 minutes into the class Marlon walks in. At the time, he wore a great deal of cologne, and a cloud of it walked in with him. My first thought: what a gorgeous rebel. The teacher knew him well already, greeted him, and then went on with class. Well, in the course of the 3-hour class, Marlon and I were the only two to laugh at his (extremely funny) jokes. We caught each other’s joy that day. After that, it was a bumpy road when I tried to figure out who he was, and we each tried to figure out who we were – but after a few months, it was clear that we were in love. Now here we are, 5 years later, after long-distance and a lot of hard work, engaged..!!!

How They Asked

Marlon and I are both musicians. On Nov 10, he asked me to go busking with him (performing on the street) and a few of our friends. Before that, we spent several hours at our favorite coffee shop, during which I was texting my friends – is he?? Isn’t he??? Is it the day?? I’m excited. But scared. Will I be embarrassed or relieved if it doesn’t happen today??? Anyway, eventually, we went and actually performed on the street. I was confused until suddenly one more friend and our videographer showed up, and I knew it was time! Marlon started performing a piece he had written with them (you can hear him singing it and playing piano in our video!!) and suddenly, surreally, it was happening.

Where to Propose in Cleopatra's Needle

He got on one knee and that was that!! I couldn’t hug and kiss him fast enough. The ring was so so beautiful – my mother’s one-year anniversary ring!! A nearby street cart woman gave us a free scarf, which was so sweet (the scarf in our engagement pictures!). And then Marlon took me up to our friend’s apartment for a champagne celebration!! I also Facetimed all my family and friends, and we enjoyed playing some music and a champagne toast. For Valentine’s day this year, Marlon recorded himself singing the beautiful song he wrote for me. How romantic!!!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Colin Hayden
 | Photographer
 | Videographer
Takuma Matsui, Tristan Cappel, Andrew Denicola, and Arlene Hajinlian
 | Musicians and party host