Rachelle and Rocky

How We Met

Rocky and I met at the end of my 3-year “travel phase.” After adventuring off to 42 countries, I came to the realization that I wanted to share my experiences with someone special. My best friend of 18 years asked me on a random Tuesday afternoon if I was “emotionally available” to which I laughed agreed to go on my very first blind date. After exchanging witty texts for a good week, my heart pounded as we set up a date and time to finally meet.

My heart sunk as this studly gentleman stepped out of his red car to greet me and open my car door. I felt like I was in elementary school all over again. Throughout the evening, I thought we were going to burn the place down from all the fireworks going off across the dinner table. To my surprise, we found out that we attended the same elementary school and had the same 2nd-grade teacher before he moved to a town 45 min south from me. I knew I recognized his smile. From that point on, he didn’t waste his time asking me to meet his whole family, be his girlfriend and tell me how he truly felt about me. I knew he was a keeper from day one when my BFF who set us up told me, Rocky texted her and thanked her for letting him meet me. *swoon*

How They Asked

It felt like a normal Saturday morning when I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk. He seized his opportunity and suggested we go later that evening. Throughout the day, he kept so calm and collected. We drove to one of our favorite places along the water with miles of green grass and pillars as tall as buildings.

Once we got to Chambers Bay, he asked me if my hands were cold. I said, “No”. But he insisted he grab me gloves from his trunk (where he hid the ring). We made a beeline towards the sunset and then he stopped me and started getting down on one knee. Next thing I knew, his photographer cousin jumped out from the pillar and started capturing a moment I would never forget.

I never thought I would be so blessed in my life to have stumbled upon someone who knew my heart and how to love it. Now, we have a little bundle of joy arriving this May! ??

Special Thanks

JP Castaneda
 | Photographer