Rachel and Tyler

How We Met

We met at our job, and he would come up with some reason to come talk to me, but in all fairness, I did the same. Right before he left to start a new job he asked me out on a date.

how they asked

We had set up to get professional photos taken of us for our anniversary. She had set up for us to walk down a side road so she could get pictures of us walking and about halfway down the road he stopped and when I turned around he was on one knee.

Rachel and Tyler's Engagement in Jackson, Tennessee

The first thing that came out of my mouth before he could even say anything was, “is this a joke?” (Because he has jokingly gotten down on one-knee before) but then he asked, “will you marry me?” I, of course, said “Yes!” It has been the easiest yes of my life. It’s funny though because a week before I had been telling him I wanted a promise ring and in the end, I got the ultimate promise ring!

Where to Propose in Jackson, Tennessee

Special Thanks

Mary Katherine Searcy
 | Photographer