Rachel and Tim

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How We Met

I remember the day when he walked into dance community class. At the time, I was so into my internship and not even thinking about being in a relationship that I really didn’t notice him. He was kind, we’d casually say hi and have some small talk but nothing about him really grasped me but the obvious, he was absolutely attractive. Yet and still, there was no thought of a possibility that we’d end up where we are today. In the month of November, he messaged me to come hang out with him and I denied him because one, I had no grid to build something with anyone and two, I was leaving out of town. Since I originally turned him down, I didn’t think of him once because I was quite focused at the time. Then, the start of the year rolled around, my mind flooded with thoughts of him and my heart began to tug me in his direction. I said to myself, “this must be a sign from God if all of a sudden I am seeing this guy differently.” All of a sudden, I was interested, I was highly attracted to him, I wanted to know his life, better yet, be in his life more then just a friend.

So these thoughts went through my mind for almost two weeks. It was driving me crazy and so I went to my mentor at the time and asked for her thoughts. I said, “so Tim has really been on my heart lately and for some reason I really want to get to know him. I feel that I’m supposed to message him but I’m struggling with the fact that I want to be fully pursued by a guy. Anyway, I will send a message but I’m ridiculously nervous. What do you think?” She responds, “I think you’re supposed to do it.” So all of us in the meeting get extremely giddy about it. However, knowing how I can be, I knew I’d take their advice and still not message him for weeks to come and sit sulking in trying to decide if I should or not. So my mentor and another fellow intern, sat there and challenged me to send it before the end of our meeting. So, I did.

I messaged him, “hey so we should hang out sometime.” “No smiley emoji. Just a period. That’s it,” Tim states later. He then responded an hour later, “Hey Rae, I would love to hang out. When are you free? :)” I sent him my schedule and we set up a time to go out on the 2nd of Feb. Later that day he told me if I would have never messaged him, he would have never known it was okay to pursue me because I turned him down the first time. He highly valued the message, took the opportunity and ran with it. When Feb. 2nd arrived, he picked me up, took me out for Thai and I have never enjoyed so much of my time with a guy before since being single — where it seemed like time stood still, with him and I, laughing, telling our life stories, and dreaming together. We had the time of our lives and from that point on, the rest was history. He consistently pursued me relentlessly.

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how they asked

The beginning of it all. Tim wanted to know my ring size, so on Dec. 10th. the suggestion came up to go to a jewelry shop that my sister just started to work at. He suggest while we were at it, that I should try on rings to get a feel for what I wanted. I was a woman that knew I always wanted rose gold but I had no idea about certain cuts, better yet, what I actually wanted. So when we got in the store that day, my sister showed me this rose gold ring that she said when they first got it in, she thought to herself, “wow, I can see Rachel wearing that. It would be perfect for her.” But instead of trying it on, I said I’d prefer to try on other rings first. So Tim and I walked around the store, and I tried on rings. Every ring I tried on was pretty but just not what I thought or imagined I wanted as my engagement ring. When we got back to the front of the store, my sister says to me, “okay so now you have to try this one on.” I put it on and immediately my jaw dropped.

I was in shock at how beautiful and how perfect it was. Tim said, “you love it, don’t you?” I just nodded my head and said, “omg, yes!” But I knew it was WAY out of the budget he was trying to stick to. So I left the store thinking that was a fun and easy experience with him. On Christmas, there was a letter with my gift along with a bottle of wine that pairs with sushi and a gift certificate to get my nails done. In the letter he authentically stated everything that a girls heart would desire to hear and a hint that I should prepare myself for our anniversary to come, hence, the wine and the gift certificate.

Our anniversary. The morning of the 2nd, Tim and I planned to cook breakfast together to start out the day for our anniversary. So we did. We had one yummy breakfast, just him and I. It wasn’t long before he said we had to go. So we rushed out of the house to head to Pasadena, Ca where he planned to grab sushi before our adventure at one of my favorite restaurants, Wokcano. So as we walked the street chatting and having a good time while we waited for our food to finish, Tim kept switching me to his right side as we walked. I never would have guessed he had a ring in his left pocket. I was just little ol’ gullible me that I am (at times) in the moment with him. It was freezing in LA. That is really never the case there but it was the second day of a cold that I had and I was feeling at my worst but I definitely didn’t let that stop us from having a good time. So when we picked up our food, we had a little over 30 min left.

So he asked me if I wanted to get some hot tea to help me feel better. So we just simply walked across the street to a coffee shop and grabbed tea. We sat there talking while we sipped our drinks and then he mentions to me that we should be heading out soon. So we left the coffee shop and he tells me, “since you are familiar with this area, I’ll give you the address and you take us there.” So I said, “okay.” We get in the car, enter the address into google maps and leave the parking structure toward our destination. “You have arrived,” is what we heard as we are driving along side a pretty large parking lot on our right side and as we turn into the drive way, I look forward at the sign and it was the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. I began to smile and everything seemed to get numb by the minute. I kept telling myself to play it cool, I wanted to actually make it to the moment. We walked into the lobby of the Arboretum, he paid for our entry, they handed him a map and as we exit the doors of the lobby into the Arboretum, Tim opens the map and he says, (while his finger is hovering over the map) “we need to go here,” and points to an area on the map that was near the rose gardens.

We began to walk in that direction down this beautiful pathway, he began to tell me how much he loves me and we reminisced on the memories we made together. He points and tells me to that we need to go right and the moment we made a right turn, my thoughts went from play it cool to “omg omg omg omg, he’s going to propose. OMG, he’s going to propose.” We approach this beautiful vintage house next to a lake and we walk behind the house and there it was — this beautiful picnic set up for two, surrounded in roses all while, bachata music was playing (We love latin dancing together). My heart dropped. Time stood still. I couldn’t seem to hear the birds chirping any longer and not another thing in site interest me but this moment with him. He takes my purse off my shoulder, sits it on the blanket, and says “this is just for us. Let’s dance.”

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So in awe, he wraps me in his arms, pulls me close, and started to dance with me. In my mind I’m wondering how he managed to pull all this off on his own. Where is the team? How did he do this? My man is brilliant. The moment I glance to my right and to my left looking for the hidden team and he spins me and as I turn back around to face him, he drops to one knee and right then, my breath was taken away, my knees began to shake and a flood of joy filled my heart.

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The man of my dreams was right there, on his knee, right in front of me asking me to be his forever and as he opened the box there was the very ring that I hoped for the day I tried it on but thought I wouldn’t even receive it. It was the rose gold pear shaped morganite ring surrounded in diamonds. Tears filled my eyes in disbelief. He did it and did it extremely beyond what I could ever imagine. I said yes, without hesitation. It was the easiest yes, second to giving my life to Jesus.

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I never thought the day would come but it was brought to me in the most perfect timing filled with promises of a faithful God. We hugged, we kissed and all you could feel was our heartbeats. Not a breeze, outside could budge us in that very moment. Tim then looks in my eyes and says, “babe this isn’t the only thing that I have for you today. I have one more surprise.” I look a bit confused to what it could be. He moves out the way and my best friend from Canada came walking from around the corner. In awe once again, I cried. I just cried. We hugged and the rest of the ‘team’ came out.

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The best sister and friend in the world (a style extraordinaire and girl boss), Tim’s housemate (a brother and friend), my best friend (aka a sister from another mister) and Ms. North hollywood herself (my friend from college/ the photographer), told me to wipe my tears so we can take pictures. They set up everything on site and captured the entire moment with us. A day that was gloomy and freezing cold, turned out sunny, literally, just for that special moment for us to enjoy. We like to say it was God smiling on us. It was hands down the best day of my life, our lives, by far and absolutely delightful.

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After photos, Tim and I proceeded to take in the moment over sushi and wine together. Later that night we celebrated over dinner with a few friends and family. It was a day to remember. It was a day lived to tell our children. It was a day that I will never forget I said yes to the man I waited my whole life for. Ladies & gentlemen, he was truly worth the wait.

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Special Thanks

Rebekah Dani
 | Found location & decor
Erica Palacios
 | Photos
Edwin Rodriguez
 | Plans