Rachel and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I grew up together in our small town in New Jersey. We’ve known each other since we were about 8 or 9 and started dating our junior year of high school (my mom claims she always knew we’d end up together ?)

how they asked

Nick and I grew up together in our small town in New Jersey. We started dating our junior year of highschool and have been inseparable since. Throughout our relationship, Cape May NJ has always been our favorite place in the world, with so many of our memories taken place in it. So for our 7th anniversary, Nick surprised me with a weekend stay at Congress Hall, a historic hotel in Cape May I had been dying to stay at for a while! We started our Saturday with pancakes and coffee, then walking around the town and Washington Street Mall and then before dinner we decided to take a ride to Sunset Beach to catch the sunset and look for Cape May diamonds. Cape May Diamonds are tiny pieces of quartz that wash up on Sunset Beach from the Delaware River after traveling 1000s of years. We split off to see who could find the best Cape May Diamond. After a while, Nick called me over to show me what he found.

So I turned to go see and there he was on his knee to show me the best “Cape May Diamond” he found! To make it even better, he asked my best friend and her husband to hide and snap some pictures of the special moment! Definitely the best day ever filled with so much love and happy tears!

Special Thanks

Samantha and David Kroon
 | Photographer