Rachel and Nathan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our apartment

How We Met

Nathan and I met in high school, when I was in grade 11 and he was in grade 12. It was late November when we first met, I picked him out of his group of friends, and we started talking. On January 13, 2010 he asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

It was Friday the 13th, Our 7 year anniversary and I had the weekend off (which is rare when you work in retail) I had spent most of the day getting ready for dinner since Nathan and I had been planning to go out for dinner for our anniversary. It was around 5pm and I got a call from him telling me he had had a bad day at work and wanted me to meet him at the door as soon as he got there. As I heard him coming in I ran to the door to give him a hug and make his day a bit better. He looked me straight in the eyes and said “I can’t believe it’s been 7 years, I can’t picture anyone in my life more perfect for me than you, your the only one I’ll ever want to be with” Me being caught off guard I responded “me too babe your the only one for me” and started towards the living room. That’s when he takes my hand, spins me around, drops to one knee and pulls out a ring box and says “Rachel Nicole Deller will you marry me?” I was so shocked and surprised and happy!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our apartment

My jaw dropped and eyes filled with tears then managed to say “of course I’ll marry you!!!” before jumping on him and hugging him. I was (and still am!) so excited, I broke out into hives! (which has never happened before) and of course tears. It was by far the best, most personal proposal, just perfect for us. After the tears and hives settled a bit Nathan told me that earlier that week, he had driven to my parents house to ask my father for his blessing on the proposal/marriage.