Rachel and Matt

How We Met

We first met at a country concert on the beach in Huntington Beach. Matt’s friend came over to my girlfriends and I and casually said “hey, you should call my friend Jim over and talk to him, he’s up there in the blue shorts.” I called out “Jim” over and and over and he wouldn’t turn around. Finally he turned around and came over and come to find out that Jim was actually his nick name which was why he wasn’t answering at first. When he came over we all got to talking which led to him, myself, his friends, and my girlfriends all ending up hanging out together. Towards the end of the night, right before the concert was over he asked do you know how to two step? I said no and with out saying anything more he took my hand and asked me to dance and in that moment he swept me off my feet.

How They Asked

The proposal was something I have always dreamed of. Matt had this story about his “crazy aunt” coming into town that he has only met one time and she likes to take his family out to really nice dinners and can be a little overwhelming at times (this was he way of getting me to dress nice for the occasion). Then he said we need to take the edge off and its a full moon night so we should go up to “our spot” before the dinner and drink a little. I was fighting the whole way on getting dressed up and having to wear my heels up to our spot which is a hike. We sat in a different spot then our usual and he led me down to this bush area to find a snake…? Well come to find out he knew thats where we needed to be for the camera shot. My mom’s long time friend that is photographer was sitting right behind us waiting to capture the moment and I had no idea. As the evening went on we walked around our spot and took engagement photos that were real and in the moment. I then said “there is no dinner with crazy aunt is there?”, and he said no it will just be you and I going to dinner. We took the fairy across the water in Newport and as we were walking up to the restaurant I began to see both of our families on the patio waiting for us and congratulating us. I was so surprised and overwhelmed and Matt knew this is how I would want to celebrate our engagement with our closes family and friends there. It was the absolute most magical and perfect night.

Special Thanks

Nicole Caldwell Studio
 | Photography
Newport Beach, CA
 | Location