Rachel and Kyle

Proposal Ideas Linvilla Orchard in Media, PA

How We Met

Kyle and I met online in 2013 on an ancient dating site called OkCupid. I was literally logging on to delete my profile and the latest message was from a guy with a dog in his pic so I had to investigate. A week later he picked me up at my parents’ house (because I still lived at home) in his old rodeo truck that I was pretty sure was going to collapse as soon as I got in (it did basically explode on our second date but that’s another story). He drove us to this adorable orchard near where he lived. They have a petting zoo, and pumpkins and a hayride, so it was a picturesque fall date. At one point I was bending over to pet a sheep and he put his hand on my butt (to this day he swears it was coincidental but I beg to differ). We picked out pumpkins that we planned to carve on date 2, then he drove me to dinner at a local burger joint. Once we were done I thought I was going home but he decided we were going to have a late night horror marathon at his house while cuddling on the couch. He then drove me the entire hour home and then drove himself all the way back to his house like a perfect gentleman. It was all down hill from there.

how they asked

We decided because it was the end of the summer we were going to take a long weekend to relax, so on Thursday, I said let’s go get mani/pedis (he’s a mechanic and gets a little funk under the nails) AND THANK GOD I DID. So we go have a good time and then he says hmmm tomorrow’s Friday let’s plan a day, we should go to the zoo and Linvilla (where we had our first date). I was a little suspicious but wasn’t going to pass up a good time.

Rachel's Proposal in Linvilla Orchard in Media, PA

Next day we get up and go to breakfast, and on tv at the diner is good morning America talking about fall wedding trends (ironic, no?). It starts raining and we debate going to the zoo for 20 minutes and I say nope we’re doing it Ill buy us ponchos.

I notice a very peculiar square-shape in his pocket on the drive so I was VERY SUSPICIOUS.

So we get to the zoo and the rain suddenly stops. Like the whole world dried up just so we could wander around and look at animals. Every time he bends down to tie his shoe I start hyperventilating but nothing ever happened so we get back in the car and drive to Linvilla.

Once we arrived we visited the little shop and bought cider, then walked over to the petting zoo. I asked him about 50 times if he was going to grab my butt again and he laughed.

Then we booked it over to the tractor to go pick apples. It’s us, an older couple, and a mom and son in the middle of the orchard. I knew the ring was in his pocket because I could very clearly see the outline in his pocket. We keep walking up and down the same row then suddenly he grabs me and says “baby one time you tried to break up with me…and I never want that to happen again” and I instantly knew and launched hysterics. I didn’t even look at the ring. I was just so overjoyed.

So now we’re walking through this apple orchard, I am bawling and he’s smiling like a nut. We get to the checkout stand and the woman sitting there is like uhhh….everything okay you two??

Then we get in the car and I call everyone I’ve ever met in my life, and my sister spoils the best surprise that Kyle had set up a huge dinner with our family and friends at our frablekte brewery that night. It was so much fun to celebrate with everyone and just bask in the love of it all. I still can’t believe it.