Rachel and Austin

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How We Met

We had met at a friends party and right when he walked in I immediately knew I needed to go introduce myself. I without any second thoughts marched up to him and we started talking. He had just turned 21 and I was only 19 so when I put my number in his phone I promised him I’d buy him a drink when I was 21. After we exchanged numbers he left and we didn’t talk until I turned 21. On my 21st birthday one of my friends had posted a happy birthday Snapchat of me and Austin saw it. Of course the first weekend of me being 21 all my friends and I were out. Austin came up to me at a bar and asked if I remembered him, he looked familiar but I could not for the life of me remember his name so I guessed ryan? He obviously wasn’t Ryan and at the end of our night we exchanged phone numbers only to find out we did actually have each other’s. From there on out our story started.

how they asked

Both Austin and I are into music, me being a majoring in music in college and him having a love for mixing. About a year into our relationship I moved to Phoenix, AZ to complete an internship so I could graduate from college. We both knew that we wanted to be together forever but had to do one last thing for ourselves first. Long distance sucked but it was our final test. Whenever Austin would visit me he would come with a song that reminded him of me or us together. Those songs got me through a lot of tough nights. 6 months later I passed my internship and moved back to Colorado.

Rachel and Austin's Engagement in Fort Collins colorado

During the summers Austin and I always create a bucket list of what we want to accomplish. Hiking to sunset views, traveling to new places were always on the list. Austin had just gotten a new truck when he said he wanted to take a drive up the mountains to see the sunset. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary so I of course agreed. We were going to meet up with friends later that night so we decided to dress fancy. We went to eat dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant which in fact was where he first asked me to be his girlfriend.

After dinner, we drove up to Horsetooth and took a short hike to a cliff overlooking the water. At this time Austin pulled out his phone and said he had found a new song that reminded him of us. I took the phone and began listening when he stated he had actually written, song, and played guitar in the song. At that time I knew exactly what was going to happen. Throughout the whole song, our story was being told, I was crying and stating that I was crying. At the end of the song he sang “I just have one question, will you say yes?” I turned around and there he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!