Rachel and Andrew

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how we met

I had a crush on Andrew all through my Freshman year of college at Hofstra University. We had met at a bar once during the beginning of that year, but never really got to know each other. Luckily, my Sophomore year, his Junior year, we ran into each other again at a party the first day back from summer break. All my friends by then knew that I liked him, so when I spotted him a few weeks later walking through the student center, they pushed me to wave at him and say hello.

Unfortunately for me, right before I did this, I took a bit of my friends chocolate ice cream, which unbeknownst to me turned my teeth black. When I waved, Andrew hardly looked in my direction. I turned back to my friends in reassurance, but they burst out in laughter at the site of my chocolate coved teeth! Mortified, I tried to avoid Andrew at all costs, thinking that he thought I was a total loser.

As fate would have it, two weeks later I ended up at a party that was hosted by his fraternity. When I saw him there, I quickly ran towards the other direction. I told my two friends, Mikey and Ryan, who were at the party, how I was avoiding Andrew because of the chocolate fiasco. Of course, they went to Andrew soon after I walked away from them and told Andrew I had come to the party to see him.Within minutes Andrew came over to me to talk. I later learned he never saw my chocolate covered teeth anyways…

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how they asked

Two weeks before Andrew proposed to me, he told me that I had to make sure I could get off of work in the middle of the week, so that I could go to his company’s party that was holding their event at the well know and beautiful Brooklyn restaurant, The River Cafe. He convinced me that the party was very important to be at and everyone was bringing a date. So I took off, got my nails done and shopped around for the perfect dress.I was running a little late getting ready, as per usual, and he was anxiously trying to gently push me along to get ready faster.

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When we got to the restaurant, rather than leading me to the front door, which is situated under the Brooklyn Bridge, he took me to the restaurants garden, saying we needed to wait for his co-workers. As I was looking around, Andrew got down on one knee, and before he even said anything else, I said yes and began to cry.

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Andrew knew how much I wanted photos of our proposal when he was to propose and I was so happy when I eventually saw Samantha taking pictures of us. Perfectly planned, I was told we were doing our engagement photos, right then and there. This couldn’t have been a better idea seeing as we were we already dressed for his “company party.”

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The pictures captured are so special and caught on a beautiful August night, under the Brooklyn Bridge, looking over at downtown Manhattan. After the photo session, we go to celebrate at the River Cafe!

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